[2042] Dev Log April 19 2008

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[2042] Dev Log April 19 2008

Postby IskatuMesk » Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:00 pm

So, today mostly saw updates to items.

For starters, I am removing Defense values from a lot of shields. Defense is Avoidance = how is a shield going to help you avoid attacks? So, many shields come coupled with physical protection or other such attributes, instead.

I've changed a bunch of weapons, mostly altering stats and reducing their drop quality. "Exceptional", which is basically Epic, now, is reserved for actual items of Epic quality. Ricky threw some suggestions and I am working on my own. Item graphics are in extremely short supply so I'm probably gonna nick a bunch from Phrozen Keep's item graphic site. (Edit - Retrieved several hundred graphics from PK. Now I need to make some ilbs out of them.)

Kirky's sent me three more diablo graphics - Diablo, complete with a fixed death anim (Not sure how he did it but it's practically perfect), Pinhead, and Fetish Shaman.

I'm also working on getting some more WoW graphics. HKS said he'd help out but so far I've only gotten one thing out of about 20 from him. So I'm gonna try Kirky's method. Actually, I've already got a bunch of avi's created for the Dread Concubine. I don't think it's a terribly difficult process, it's just time-consuming, you can't turn off Perspective so it'll never be a true isometric view, and getting the angle right is going to be hit-and-miss. But I'm trying. Progress depends on getting these graphics.
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