[2042] Dev log april 17 2008

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[2042] Dev log april 17 2008

Postby IskatuMesk » Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:51 am

So today's seeing some updates for sure.

Current updates from yesterday and today -

- The two Loladin wizards now have greatly buffed stats.
- Several other wizards are using temporary buffed stats and will get the rest either later today or tomorrow or sometime soon, anyway.
- Changed some of the old heroes and gave them new stats. Will do descriptions later. Added a single new hero - Charles, for the Confederates.
- Added three new Dread Legion units - An epic level 10 (Each alignment will get 1 epic unit), t4 ranged, t8 melee.
- Ported some more graphics over from BNW3.0 for - New Deep Hive t1 to replace Skelpion, some Baelificus heroes, the two last Orc units I can get in before I need more, some other misc hero graphics.
- Added two new Loladin units - the Templar, an anti-magic t4 tank, and the Lolihammer, a t7 flying transport/light siege engine with static shield.
- Added two new Orc units using those new graphics - Darkweaver and Obliterator.
- Assorted balancing changes.
- Added the first Doom Prophets unit - the Doom Hunter, t3 anti-elite melee. (Dragonslaying and Pole Arm).

Future changes

- I plan to change "Mounted" to "Vulnerable" or something along those lines and give it to very specific units, such as giants or the like. "Pole Arm" weapon will be changed as well to suite this change. This will be given to specific units, like the Deep Hive Terror and Deep Destroyer, that gives them increased damage against certain types of units.
- More wizard changes.
- Changing classic wizards to new ones or at least changing their races so they aren't used in the RMG for some time. I.e. Ambir who always seems to spawn instead of Isador.
- The addition of the second Corruption unit - the Infinite Nightmare. Corruption will still remain completely unplayable.
- Addition of Duriel to resources.
- I plan to use my DVD recorder to record voices from Soul Calibur 2-3 and Brawl to add to my sound resources. I've also half-way ported over Fantasy Wars and Spellforce sounds, some of which need re-normalization to make them louder.
- Port over WoW sounds in their entirety. Mostly creature stuff.
- All wizards will be significantly buffed in stats and abilities to become powerful combat or support units depending on their personality. Wizards will be more involved in sieges and some even useful outside of hanging out in towers fapping all day and night.
- Make all good-aligned wizards Anarchist.
- See if I can make neutral wizards anarchist without everything they have rebelling on them.
- Change more strings ("Anarchist" will become "Asshole")

I have now hit a limit on graphics for Loladins, Humans, Dread Legion, and most others. Most of the remaining graphics will slowly be poured into new heroes. I need to add a very large amount of new heroes before the next major version.
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