[2042] April 06 2008 Dev Log

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[2042] April 06 2008 Dev Log

Postby IskatuMesk » Sun Apr 06, 2008 8:03 am

Okay, these threads get a lot of views so someone has to be reading them.

Anyways, the process to make stuff done has begun.


- I've begun the new Orc race. They currently have around 8 units functional.
- Added the Deep Scarab to the Deep Hive. Deep Horror is going to be pushed to level 8 status and will re-attain its swallow whole ability on Silver metal.
- Started on Elves, too. They have Silverblade Warrior and Druid, currently, with a bunch of graphics for others ready to be configured sound-wise.
- Gonna start messing with buildings much more seriously. With kirky's new building graphics I am going through with my plans to dramatically increase the strength of Node defenders and see what I can do to dungeon-type buildings. Dragon Utopia, anyone?
- Begun more aggressively balancing units in the mod. It's going to be tough work to manage 15 races across 8 tiers and keep them relatively balanced, but I'm trying.
- Talking to Kirky and HKS about making the graphics remaining needed to fully finish all races. We're looking at a few misc units for most races + a bunch of units for a couple of niche races, including Corruption. Basically, this could be released a lot sooner than you might think! But not likely.
- I'm going to need more voice actors. I've got Lav on a few units but I'm going to need more unique voices. I'll post a thread about this in the future.

So I just pulled an all-nighter playing a single game. FFA on RMG on a Large map with only underground. I was Devilwing. Saramaedes, Deep Hive, spawned above me. Made alliance with him pretty quickly. The rest of the game was pretty easy because the God-difficulty computer got defeated on day 20 (even though he had Jaheira apparently) to some kind of secret backdoor. Was able to participate in several huge 2v1 battles with my ally and play around with the Devilwing t7-t8 units pretty well (Devilwing Drake/Worldeater). I'd say they're pretty well balanced. I'm re-considering Phase, though. I might give it to a Phase Dragon or Warp Dragon t8 unit instead of the Devilwing variants.

Now, the hilarious thing about this game is that as I explored it, I constantly found razed nodes and towers. Like, everywhere. Then I found an ocean of blown-up cities (Later on in the game, Saramaedes would use Animate Ruins which I had given him to turn all of these into Baelificus towns). I think it's because an Orc constantly built Snakes, and these Snakes would instantly rebel and go on a killing spree, blowing up anything they found. Or something stupid like that. This game was full of hilarity. The first time I used Call Hero, I got Gygias. The third time I used Animate Hero, I got Captain William. Yeah, my one party was pretty much indestructible. I had about 20 assorted heroes and two groups of t7-t8 near the end. Not bad for 116 days of spamming from two towns watching shit explode and generally paying more attention to comp battles than my own stuff.

80/80 casting points and an AoE spell are decidedly nasty. If things weren't protected by a town's barrier, Saramaedes would obliterate them with Fire Storm. When we both concentrated our power on Shiva's undefended town, she went from 3 stacks of mid-range units to 3 fire-immune Guardians in about 2 days. Throughout the game, Saramaedes utterly annihilated parties with various spells I gave him. I'm kind of glad I can't raise the spell point cap or lower mana costs like ricky wanted me to. In our fights, it was hard for me to use my 80 casting points unless I was spamming fireball or trying to buff in-fight. For the record, if you missed out in the thread, I hugely raised the costs of enchantments and made them require 3 or 4 sphere spec (I forget which) to prevent stupidly overpowered cosmos builds. I'd hate to see Gygias with all of the enchants on him that Ricky typically used. It would be... bad.
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