[2042] April 02/2008 Dev Log

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[2042] April 02/2008 Dev Log

Postby IskatuMesk » Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:50 am

So yesterday Kirky released his mod and there was great celebration because with his graphics I can considerably update LoL:2042. Since then the following things have happened -

- My dict got shot and I think all of my strings are dead. Retrieved old dict file that may restore them, need to try it yet.
- Added around 7 tracks to the soundtrack and expanded battle themes.
- Decided I'll change Dwarves to orcs, and orcs to Minotaurs (mostly for alignment stuff although cannon-wise orcs are still evil as shit... just engine limitations :\)
- Going to change Syrons to Loladin Ascendants, mostly with draenei that Kirky's mod actually only has one of... uh-oh!
- Added 3 new Isadorian units: Isadorian Bloodletter, Isadorian Phalanx, and Vicious Bed Bug
- Added 2 new heros - Legendary hero Gygias the Deathbringer, Legendary hero Captain Planet
- Added 1 new Dread Legion unit: Fiend
- Gave Loladin Advisor his graphic.
- Configged a bunch of human graphics and they are now in place.
- Added two Minotaur units: Berserker, Blackguard, that's all I can add until more tauren are done
- Added two new sound resources; Witcher, and Warrior Kings: Battles. Will be adding Spellforce 2 soon.

Things I can expect to do with these new resources -

- Completely finish Humans, Baelificus, orcs, Deep Hive, Beastmasters, Devilwing
- Mostly finish Loladins, Bloodstone Guard, Dread Legion
- Largely add to Elves
- Slightly add to Minotaurs, making them somewhat playable
- Races virtually unaffected: Loladin Ascendants, Corruption
- Add a large quantity of independent units
- Add an insane amount of heroes
- Change some building graphics
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