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A-U CGI Dev Series Content Poll

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:49 am
by IskatuMesk
I'm looking to see what you are most interested in regards to the Apex U CGI dev series. I will be posting it as it is created (unlike the ret dev series that was private until completion/release/discontinuation).

If you are interested in following the project, and so long as my real life circumstances permit me to have continued access to electricity and the internet, you will be able to impact what content I choose to record and process for the production.

You can choose any number of options.

If you were not interested in the Ret dev series when it was still available, why?

Re: A-U CGI Dev Series Content Poll

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:51 am
by IskatuMesk
After having discussions with several individuals and reflecting on the (currently limited) pool of votes in the poll, so far my conclusions are the following;

- There is primarily an interest in condensed learning/design related things and less on labor in itself (other than problem solving I suppose).

I already had a very strong idea of what I wanted to do with the series (similar to my unreleased Unreal Z series), which is something of a compilation mix with highlights on test footage and other sorts of demonstrations. But some uncertainties weighed in my mind.

I've seen two very strong opposing ends of ideas of what makes good video media in regards to developer videos. My personal opinion is that a developer video that serves only as a blog is a waste of time. If we wanted to see your final product we would play your final product. There's no point making point by point releases of controlled information only showing successes because that amounts to little more than publication of internal patch notes and doesn't offer much. However, there is an audience that wants only just that, and seems to think it's "communication".

I'm much more of the separate side of the fence that prefers stuff like what Epic does with their streams - showing lengthy breakdowns of stuff that isn't even necessarily completed and discussing it in-depth. They're talking about tools and I'm talking about an actual project, so the context is very different. But the end result is the same - multihour videos of guys demoing stuff and talking and usually only on a few subjects at a time.

Retribution Dev's series was something of a mix between the two but it was primarily serving as a documentary and not really a discussion platform at large. It had lots of design discussion and assessments in it but it was predominantly a series that followed my time with the project through thick and thin when I felt like recording. It was extremely heavily edited but still amounted to 29 or so episodes at an average of 3-5 hours a piece.

I think primarily the main reason there was a lack of interest was because there wasn't really a lot of actual viewer engagement in terms of systems and design breakdowns. This wasn't really something I could change, either - rather, I was breaking down the commentary on a level I doubt many game developers even could hope to accomplish. But it was almost entirely about modeling assets and maybe 10% implementation and testing and fixing. So most of the footage was still just circulated on modeling.

Some people really crave timelapse videos, but it's not the audience I have that does, I don't think. My footing is situated on an audience either breaking into game design in terms of analysis and critical thinking (educational) or people who are already familiar (CC forumers and many lurkers working on campaigns etc). For them it might seem superficially that timelapse modeling stuff would be interesting, but I think they are first and foremost going to be interested in the meat curtains behind the shovel.

Currently, the poll is biased towards design talk and actual tool interaction as opposed to what I would imagine is perceived as reports/bloggy material and/or condensed but otherwise raw labor footage. This is kind of what I expected when I walked into the Apex H/Unreal Z dev series as a body but I never actually got far enough to do anything with it.

Another thing that I am aware of is that most people are interested in primarily game mechanics discussion as opposed to pure technical elements, and the CGI is obviously a big break away from that original design. I should make it known that my research in Unreal 4 is two-fold - both to create the CGI and hopefully to enable myself to one day create an ARPG or other game as well. I'm just focusing on small fry for now as I have a poor history of handling learning.

I will continue to spy the poll and look for any feedback.


I will be releasing two videos soon - one is a very labor-specific video and one is a design-specific video. Both are for unrelated things for the most part.