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Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:34 am
by IskatuMesk
After around a decade of languishing in Lavarinth's basement, the legendary domain has been properly revitalized for scandalous romps in the bathhouse. Previously serving only as a repository, the site has been fully polished up and updated to support all of my public content ventures with the exception of mod content that is currently on

It is highly recommended new visitors read the About section before utilizing any of the site's content. I'll be updating this section in the future to clean it up a bit.

Content in my appropriate LP threads, articles, and some other miscellenous material has been ported over to the site and updated. The LP threads now serve as an update outlet and alternative index to the site's content. Much of my old content that was once bound by certain barbaric google services are now at home on the site, though not without some casualties. The fate of some more niche content remains to be determined, like the MGEC series and certain outlier compilations that saw little attention.

Currently I'd like to post my public resources, such as my FumeFX content, on CC's site. But the site needs to be updated for that. Lavarinth...