[ITAS:US] Progress report & concepts + ponies

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[ITAS:US] Progress report & concepts + ponies

Postby IskatuMesk » Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:16 pm

^--- Xy`Kranasha Ravener

Yup. And now some race concepts explained;


The Scitor are a viral lifeform that has advanced to the pinnacle of biological evolution. They are chained through strong psionic links. Featured prominently in the Lour Saga, the Scitor join us in ITAS:US for the ultimate showdown. The Scitor often call themselves the Xy`Kranasha, referring to a prophetic event in old Alzerian text.

The Scitor have the advantage of incredibly advanced power technology. Their ships literally glow with power, and rightly so. They field a large number of energy weapons and have the most effective direct-fire energy weapons of all the races. Although their ships are typically slower than the Undead, they can acquire large numbers and overwhelm opponents. Additionally, Scitor have access to a number of powerful superweapons and technology.

Scitor build units from Fabricators, huge worldships of various classes that can freely wander the map. However, these Fabricators are not suited for combat.


Undead in MFTG are the bane of all things living, constantly plundering fresh brains and backdooring the Confederacy. Undead specialize heavily in swarm tactics as their ships are physically frail in comparison to those of other races, and the deployment of absurd superweaponry. Undead enjoy mass destruction and will often sacrifice themselves to achieve that much more chaos. Undead technology is largely unequaled by opposing races and this is shown in unique traits of their ships.

League of Lawyers

Wicked, cunning, and mysterious, Lawyers have plagued the Confederacy for years. With their briefcases, ties, and silly smirks, these suited crusaders are part of a secret organization that has waged a galactic battle against the Mailmen for thousands of years. With their new allegience to the Undead, the Lawyers seek to break the stalement and rush forward in a clatter of shined boots on hardwood flooring.

Lawyer ships are comparable to Confederacy ships but lack the organization and dedicated roles. Their vessels are also often faster and possess a large degree of rapid-action weaponry, allowing Lawyer vessels to react more quickly.

As Lawyers are often faced by Mailmen ships fielding torpedo weaponry, Lawyers have exceptional SDI capabilities.
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