[General Update] - 10/01/2007

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[General Update] - 10/01/2007

Postby IskatuMesk » Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:43 am


No updates to any mods for a while. My mental stability is rapidly declining and it has pretty much become impossible to do anything at all. I now sleep about 16 hours a day at the very least. I doubt it will let off anytime soon.

All I have to show for the past few weeks is a very small amount of progress on the first areas of act2, including the town, which aren't actually remotely ready to put in the game yet. I'll show you some screenshots, anyway.

(Above) The act2 town, the interior of a small demon ship. Note all of the NPC's will be changed.

Drognan will be another wise-guy, but this time with a lot of actually useful information regarding the Deep Hive. Check Gossip often!

Cain will become a the demon captain you'll "rescue" in act1.

Not sure who Fara will be yet. Probably a demon engineer.

Same with the other guy.

Other npc's will be scattered throughout the worldspace, including Jheryn and other quest givers.

(Above) Early test versions of some metal textures lav put together for me. He still needs to send me the version where those lines are fixed.

(Above) Two screenshots of the first zone of act2 - Ruins of Acheross. They are clearly very, very early stages.

Someone may be unfortunate enough to remember some information about my old d2 mod, Khan The Destroyer. Act2 in KTD was supposed to involve the siege of Acheross, a human city in a desert (lolamirite). To give rememberance and a bit of an easter egg, I am rebuilding that city, now in the form of a ruin overrun by Deep Hive.

Act2 will be filled with Deep Hive and the first Hive base for you to attack. It'll be considerably more challenging then act1 in monster composition, boss powers, and overall terrain complexity.

It's also going to be a real pain in the ass to actually put together which really makes it all the more hard to get motivation to actually work on it.
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