[Loli] - Developer Log #10 31/12/2007

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[Loli] - Developer Log #10 31/12/2007

Postby IskatuMesk » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:28 am

Today I'm going to write out the concepts for some enemy factions, changes to characters, and items.

These are in addition to all 2042 factions, including - Elves, Humans, Loladins, Baelificus (Underworld), Dread Legion, Devilwing, Confederates, Corruption, Isadorians, Bloodstone, and others. Some of these I'll list for further info anyway.

Sentries -
General attributes;
Strong vs: Physical
Weak vs: Electrical

Sentries are mechanical AI-controlled assets employed by Confederates. Ranging in capacity and deployability from small automated turrets to huge ships, they are often found nearby Confederates. These can also include automated defenses that fill a specific purpose, such as project a deadly laser forcing the player to do a James Bond/Mission Impossible laser-dodging routine or find ways to destroy the emitter. Almost all Sentries employ ranged weapons. These machines are often weak against electrical attacks.

Mailmen -
General attributes;
Strong vs: None
Weak vs: Fire

Mailmen are a galactic race of evil demons hellbent on destroying Lawyers and anything else that gets in their way. Sometimes affiliated with Doom's servants in specific cases, they rally their armies in formidable fortresses called Post Offices, and often field large warships to ferry angry postal workers across the system. Mailmen are a crude lot, and often prefer to butcher their opponents in melee. Some are clever, though, and hang back with ranged weaponry. Few mailmen are skilled in Psionic warfare.

General attributes;
Strong vs: Death, Curses
Weak vs: Holy

Lawyers are among the deepest and foulest minions of the Abyss. Often they serve to deface and dismantle the ceaseless efforts of the Loladins by corrupting humanity, but they are also immensely powerful sorcerers who often summon lesser demons to their aid. Lawyers are often found in much smaller numbers than Mailmen, but they are dangerous in any quantity.

General attributes;
Strong vs: Death, Curses
Weak vs: Holy

Salesmen travel the underworld and often the overworld on missions to corrupt and sow seeds of chaos. Often, lesser demons are found in the wake of a Salesmen, for their presence attracts evil like moths to a flame. It is extremely dangerous to try to rouse or engage a salesman in battle, for they are extremely powerful warlocks.

General attributes;
Strong vs: Poison
Weak vs: Cold

In project Loli you are playing as a neutrally-aligned demon. This means you will face Good-aligned races in combat. In LoL, Elves are fairly cliche in that they hug trees, employ longbows, and carry long grudges. But they're also cliche in the fact they fucking hate demons, and you are no exception. Might have something to do with the Baelificus slaughtering them all. Most elves or half-elves, however rare they may be, will be exceptionally dangerous in combat as if they have survived the first days of 2042 that means they are hard-asses because only the unfortunate few with enough skill to evade the greasy grimy clutches of every faggot in the sector would be available for a pissing contest. Elves often employ Holy magic taught to them by Loladins.

General attributes;
Unknown as of yet

Baelificus are underworld demons. You are most likely to encounter them in the underworld. While you'll be fighting demons all the time in Loli, these guys are a little different in that they'll employ some unique gear characteristics, randomized resistances, tougher abilities in general. There are also weapons specifically crafted to harm denizens of the underworld.

General attributes:
Immunities: Poison, Holy
Weaknesses: None

Loladins are the holiest of the holy, those without even the tinest teeniest shred of darkness within their souls. Finding them will be hard, and fighting them will be even harder.

General attributes:
Resistances: None
Weaknesses: Pretty much everything

Humans are a squishy lot. However, since humans reproduce like locust, there is always a never-ending onslaught of fools that stand in your path. Some of them are geared by the Knight's Guild of Lome or other military outfitters and some even know how to swing a sword. But most of them are idiots just waiting for something to run by and kill them.

Deep Hive
Immunities: Poison, cold
Resistances: Physical
Weaknesses: Sometimes holy

Deep Hive are your primary enemy in Act 2 and later areas. They come from an alternate dimension and breach the boundaries of the Earth by massive shadow gates that then pour an everlasting darkness. Deep Hive don't differ from human or demon, they'll eat whatever they find. Anything that fights back is often targeted psionically. Deep Hive are controlled by huge hive nodes that burrow deep into the ground, hence their name. You'll find a variety of hivelings in your travels, and all of them are highly resistant to cold, poison, and physical damage.

Devilwing/Searscale/Bonescale/Other flights
Immunities: Varies
Weaknesses: None

It'll be rare for you to encounter Devilwing. However, at times you may find hatcheries or strongholds of the lesser broods, such as Searscale. All dragons are terrifying opponents, and these are the creamiest of the lot. You'll be able to find and face legendary Devilwing such as Horus in battle, but don't expect to actually be able to win. Hahaha!

Loot Tables

Different factions will often be able to drop different types of loot. Often this loot will be vendorable, but it may be a good idea to hang onto it. The cube will be used a lot to mash together components you find, say some barrels, grease, tinfoil, and a car door off of some Confederates, to create a Desert Pigeon. Granted, you'll be able to find whole weapons as well, but the best and most reliable results will come from cubing. Of course, there'll also be little notes and stuff lying around that can give you recipes.

Some advanced weaponry, like energy weapons, will require components from several different factions.

Oh, and some stats like walk/run speed won't be so liberally dotted all over the place.

As I mentioned before, carrying ranged weapons on you, even as a melee class, will be necessary to survive. Defenses, monsters, ect. will use terrain to their advantage and in general being able to shoot dudes across platforms will be a valued commodity. However, ammunition for the more powerful weapons will need a bit of scrounging to get a hold of. Of course, to make custom ammunition and ranged projectiles, I'll need to edit dll files... so don't expect that for a while.

Drop rates will also be improved. No more botting for runes! Bosses will be a good way to get high-end drops for a change. But the secret stuff will always be your best bet. Just be careful! You can't rush these guys. They are way too strong to cheese.

Experience tables

I think I can increase the max level to something like 150. If I can, I'm going to! That doesn't mean you'll get levels easily though. Also, the mod won't support the 2 extra difficulties. Because the zones are going to be massive as it is, you'll probably hit level 150 before the end of act 5 anyway. Not to mention all of the optional and secret content lying around. I may still enable the other difficulties, we'll see... that's for something a year or so from now to think about.

Magic -> Psionics

Magic doesn't really exist like one might think it does in 2042. The most dominant form of mental warfare is direct mental conflict, involving Psionics. All character classes will utilize psionics.

Basically, you'll have a smaller mana pool, but it'll recharge much faster (once I figure out how the hell to do something like that). Certain items will improve this process, but they'll be relatively rare and valuable.

As I have no idea what the limitations of item/damage calculations right now are, I can't say the following is possible or not. So these are just concepts.

Dexterity -

I want to give all classes a dodge rating and crit chance based directly on dexterity.

Strength -

I want to give all classes physical resistance based on strength.

Vitality -

I want to give all classes bonuses to certain resistances based on vitality.

Energy -> Intelligence -

I want to have spells get a bonus in damage from intelligence.

Stamina --> ???

It may be possible to turn stamina into something else. This is of course an end-project kind of thing... like when Nef is finished his massive rewrite of the game and I can toy about with it. I am not sure what to turn it into yet, or if I want to turn it into anything, but I want this attribute to actually mean something. For now, there will be more dudes with stamina drain out there.

Armor and Attack Rating

I want to turn armor into an absorption based attribute, like, actual armor. I'm not even sure if it gives you absorption right now. But I'm pretty sure it only reduces the chance to hit. I want to leave that to dexterity alone. In either case, I want to make the chance to be hit based entirely on dexterity. Perhaps I can just give all armor base damage reduction?

Attack rating will work like it does right now. Except it of course will be more important now that there isn't huge arbitrary values all over the place. I still need to think about this. I want slower, heavier weapons to hit less often but do more damage. So you can't just stack IAS on Hellslayer and cleave your way through the Deep Hive's top-end lair.  I want characters to have different weapons to switch around for different things instead of having a single end-all setup.
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