[Loli] Developer Log #8 - 21/12/2007

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[Loli] Developer Log #8 - 21/12/2007

Postby IskatuMesk » Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:44 pm

Hello again.

A lot of work has been done.

The Lake of the Unbroken - Now functional, complete with;
Ash Drinkers
Frost Drinkers
Corruption Drinkers

These casting scavengers are built to function together. Like most monsters in Loli, they have specific strengths and weaknesses, gaps that are quickly filled when they are paired with other monsters. For example, Corruption Drinkers surround themselves in Bone Walls, and spam poison at you, while Frost Drinkers lower your resistance and slow you down, and Ash Drinkers have Molten Boulder and other fire-based abilities. Alone, they aren't too tough, but together, they are a truly fearsome force to reckon with.

Enhancements -

With a bit of violating accesses, I was able to get the D2mod dll system working. The most immediate benefits of this is that I can now add lvltypes.txt entries, allowing a virtually unlimited number of preset levels and tilesets for me to work with. Second off, I can now have any type of parallax background in any map I want. Although I can't define parallax images, I can use this to put the arcane sanctuary stars in appropriate zones, such as ships, special zones like the Sleeping City, and others.


These are fully animated.

Premise - Monsters

Diablo 2 is a hack and slash game. There's no getting past that. Loli will be a combination of exploration and hack and slash. But unlike d2, where you can just charge into the fight and click things to death, Loli will require some degree of strategy and tactics. Let's take those Goatlords for example. They are slow as hell, but meaty, and their melee hurts. You can hit-and-run them to kill them early on, or switch to a ranged weapon. Speaking of ranged weapons, a huge variety of options will be available. In addition to crossbows, javelins, ect. you'll also be able to retrieve pistols, rifles, cannons, rocket launchers, land mines, and other devices. To acquire these devices you'll need to hunt the appropriate type of monster. Disgruntled postal workers or Drinkers won't carry any pistols, but Confederates will. Likewise, you won't find a Runesword off of a scorpy who's day job consists of touching himself instead of managing core coolant valves.

Speaking of scorpies, I really need some scorpion graphics for Confederates. I hope HKS will get into shape and convert me some WoW graphics into bmps sometime soon. I could really use 'em... especially the pink scorpy.

Anyways, zones often contain a huge variety of extremely aggressive monsters. Unlike creatures in d2 that might attack you once or twice and then wander around, most of these monsters will be very willing to stick around and fight. They have a massive variety of abilities and most of them have special attributes. As you move on, monsters will gain more and more powers. Disfigured Mailmen in Zone 2, for example, have a charge (that is currently bugged and can strip off 5k health before you can even move because they get stuck in charge for some reason).

Premise - Zones

To expand upon the previous explanation of Zones...

Zones are the levels of Loli. Just like in KTD, most zones are very large preset areas with a variety of elements to interest the player. Don't consider rushing as an option - you'll die. A lot. Oh, and levelling will slow down a fair bit after 20, so if you think you can just absorb exp from level 40 monsters, think again. Did I mention you'll die a lot? Yeah. Lots of ranged, AoE-capable mobs.

However, it would be pretty wise to bring some buddies with you in your adventure. With HKS playing an assassin and myself playing a sorc, we were able to relatively easily cut down Zone 1. Then we hit zone 2 and we just got utterly destroyed.

Premise - Bosses

Ah yes. Bosses. Bosses in d2 were really pushovers. Only Duriel, who got nerfed, was really on anyone's mind as a challenging boss. In Loli, bosses are going to be actual challenges. And by challenges, I mean if you aren't prepared, you will die. The current test version of Andarial's replacement can heal himself, teleport, and create orbs that spawn lightning streams that sweep around clockwise, cutting through anything up to three screens away from him. Granted the teleportation AI isn't so brilliant, but his AoE makes up for that - he might teleport behind you, and create a lightning orb, that will then proceed to fill the room with death. There won't be any cheesing behind corridors, as each arena will be built to suite the boss' powers. I will also probably disable the ability to leave the boss' arena, by making the ramps/whatever inaccessible from that end. You'll still be able to make town portals... but it won't be very safe.

Premise - Historic Parchments/Tomes

I intend to add random world drops and objects that will give the player insight to the LoL universe, often riddled with hints and clues as to either optional encounters, secret zones, or characters/bosses. One such tome will give info about the demon controlling Act 1, and inform the player about his lightning-based powers. This will cue the player in that he'll need lightning resist to have any hope of surviving that fight.

This brings up another thing. Resistances and absorb. Absorb will be extremely rare and come in very small quantities. It will be virtually impossible for you to make yourself immune to an element. This makes resistances all the more important because having them will make a considerable difference regardless.

Act 3 - The Mansion of Madness

I plan to make Act 3 the Mansion of Madness, as seen in my two NWN projects. Since I will not be able to create stuff like the Stormspire, I'll obviously need to redesign it. However, stuff like the atomic bar will still be there. Without unusual objects complete with odd descriptions to add lollery, it won't be quite as charming as the NWN projects, but it'll still pay homage to the once promising gimmicks.

Act 2 - The Deep Hive

Act 2 will consist of the desert plus an enormous hive belonging to the Deep Hive, as seen in LoL: 2042. It will include Deep Horrors, Terrors, and other delicious creatures we all came to hate because of their ridiculous power. Act 2 is when Loli is going to start getting seriously difficult.

Future bosses and characters

The following characters will definitely make it into Loli as bosses and special encounters in the future. I am including them even if their power will make them unkillable, just because I am a faggot like that. (That doesn't mean you can't try... by all means!)

- Anubis, Horus, Dreamslayer, Shiva, and other Devilwing; some complete with actual transformations (Shiva)
- Searscale dragons, bonescale dragons... Devilwing Worldeaters
- Saramaedes, Sarenjavo, and other Deep Hive paragons.
- Some Loladins, potentially even Sir Lol himself.
- Lord Isador, Lord Jordan, Lord Dread, perhaps even an avatar of the Doom God.
- Richard Simmons, Sweaty Lenny, and other horrific Confederate abominations.
- Wibod
- Mal`Ash, from TOA (May it rest in peace)
- Night Dragon and Nightfall Ascension, from TOA
- Many heroes from 2042, including Syrius, Sabin Shade, Captain William, Jaheira, Sir Magicpants...
- Marcus, and other Underworld warlords (Perhaps even Mal`Gammagan, the dragon of fire)

And others.

I want Loli to be the exploration of my imagination limited by nothing. I will make it as large and vast and filled with things as I possibly can. This means that way later down the road, I'll revamp characters and items. But those are for a later day.

For now I am content with my mapping and monster editing. In fact, I've started on Zone 4 already.
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