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[Loli] Developer Log #6 - 17/12/2007

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 12:35 am
by IskatuMesk
So I figured I'd take a fairly extended break on AO for a while. But dealing with D2 is often much more trying than dealing with SC.

The past days have been pretty trying of my patience. However, I do have quite a bit to show for it.

- A bunch of new monsters
- Zone 2 is now fully functional
- Test examples of the Zone 1 boss and the Act 1 boss
- fixed Pillar of Skulls graphic (doodad/tower for later acts) thanks to Nefarius
- Basic rendition of the act1 hireling quest + blood raven/giant white crocodile fight (who is currently as harmless as a kitten for reasons unknown).
- After a LOT of trouble and pain, got some new object types into my hands for act1, mostly more torches
- Got a version of the ds1 editor from paul with a 20k object limit (up from 2k) at my request; that's why I love these guys

Some screenshots.