[Loli] Developer log #5 14/12/2007

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[Loli] Developer log #5 14/12/2007

Postby IskatuMesk » Fri Dec 14, 2007 11:56 pm

Base lore - The story of Project Loli.

You are a freak experiment created by a bored demon belonging to a neutral observatory built to peak down the blouses of anyone it can find. Your first task is to find the captain that is off getting wasted somewhere.

Zone 1 premise - Blood Furnace - Levels 1-12 - Bonuses; Lost Temple, Den of Lolis

You are first plunged into a Blood Furnace to learn basic combat techniques the fun way. The Blood Furnace is a structure erected in the northern climate by a bunch of goats for the purpose of liquifying mammals, mostly people, and then imbibing them through alcoholic-assisted means. The Blood Furnace is infested with local wildlife, goatmen, and worse.

Zone 2 premise - Sleepless City - Levels 13-20, Bonuses; Unknown, links to Z3 with Path of Flame

Okay, so you killed a High Priest, and now everyone wants your head. It's off to the Post Office with you! But first, you must make your way south, through an abandoned city that is being refurbished by dastardly mailmen pouring out of the post office. Since mailmen and goats get along quite well, they are both preparing for your arrival - with sharpened garden hoses. If you are exceptionally unlucky, you'll start encountering actual demons, too.

Zone 3 premise - The Post Office - Levels 21-~30, Bonuses; The Forsaken Chapel (Elite Boss Encounter), links to z4 with Lake of the Unbroken.

Here you'll find one of the observatory's crew members, tucked away somewhere, who will offer you the assistance of hirable mini-demons if you find and kill Acromangus. Acromagnus happens to be around level 30-40 so even if you do manage to find him he'll probably work you for a while. The effort is worth it, though - these hirelings will be significantly tougher than in d2. And you'll need every bit of firepower you can get your hands on for the last boss of act1.

Zone 3.5 Premise - Lake of the Unbroken (Elite zone) - 30-32, Bonuses; None (links Z3-Z4)

Lake of the Unbroken is a freezing wasteland deep beneath the earth inhabited by an awakening army of peril. Heavily defended, this icy fortress will require balls of steel to overcome in your mission. It is highly recommended to clear all of Z3 and get your mini-demons before even attempting this place.

Updates for today

Just misc stuff. I was woken up early so I spent most of today sleeping or being very tired. I have however started work on Zone 2 and have added some more graphics. I also created two skills - Riptide, for the final boss of act1, and a misc lightning spear nova for either a standard mob or a mini-boss.

I had also fully voiced the final boss for act1 but then it somehow got lost in my transition of programs and I need to redo it again. Aw fucksticks.

I have partly added several monsters I intend to finish up tonight. They include - Scavengers, Mailmen, Mutant Gnome Melee Variant, and Puppy variant #1. I have graphics awaiting for Puppy variant #2 (mega puppy), Gnomish Puppy Riders, the Pedophile, and the Berserk Battle Gnome who is a gnome with a pitch fork. I can also use the remaining goblin GFX lying around for more Gnome variants.

I also began to realize that terraining all of zone 2 to be unique will be a real challenge. The act5 tiles use so much goddamn dt1 space that importing anything else often breaks it and I lose valuable town tiles I need for the main structure. So what I have is what I get; most of Horragath, and some of the tiles in the blood foothills but nothing like ridges or ramps or anything really useful. I'll probably need to experiment with tiles a bit more because I really want those damn ridges.

Future Plans

- I intend at a very later date to have a quest deal where you need to defeat the rabbit from monty python's holy grail (an except name/spelling would be appreciated). I am unsure how I'll do this yet, but I plan to have him only killable by using the Holy Hand Grenade. To get the grenade, you'll need to assemble holy parchment from random world drops and assemble the Holy Scroll, which gives you a list of ingredients you'll need to cube to generate a portal leading to a secret elite zone containing the grenade. Retrieve the grenade, kill the rabbit, get lewt. This will be an end-game quest. And should you miss with the grenade, the rabbit will eviscerate you.
- Act 2; I have a whole shitload of graphics I'm gonna use for act2. Mostly bugs. I want to create a hive, but this will be hard because hive-like tilesets are virtually non-existent. But I'll have no shortage of monster graphics for sure.
- Secret bosses - Syrius, Demogorgon, Mal`Ash, and others. How to access them will be varied. Some of them will be quest-related.
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