[AO] - Mal`Ash - Premise

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[AO] - Mal`Ash - Premise

Postby IskatuMesk » Mon Dec 10, 2007 2:28 am


Mal`Ash is a character from Throne of Armageddon. A primary villian, his power is often recited as both limitless in scale and eternal in life. To portray his power in Starcraft I will have to make him a Tier 7 legendary unit, much like the Prince of Pain.

Whereas the Prince of Pain will echo his power through a nonstop shower of damage, Mal`Ash will direct his primary power into a torrent of destruction upon a targeted region that will wash outwards and consume all it touches in agony. It will be a multiple-style version of the Doom Dragon's (Tier5) Death Comet attack, that summons a comet to crash down and devastate large regions with a forceful shockwave.

There is a point in Throne of Armageddon where he reveals a weapon that destroys entire dimensions, a Spectral Singularity. It is the concentrate of a pure element that he then uses to manifest a polar element, Dark Matter, by splitting the singularity. This is a bit like an atomic bomb but the energy released is far, far greater.

I intend to create this in Starcraft. Oh yes. It will be his special attack, as the Fire Nova is to the Pit Lord, and Entropy is to Duriel, Mal`Ash shall have his Eclipse attack.

I may try to create his shimmering skin effect. It would be very difficult.
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Re: [AO] - Mal`Ash - Premise

Postby chris » Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:23 pm

Great unit  :)
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