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[Video Media] - Armageddon Onslaught videos

Postby IskatuMesk » Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:57 am

Here is all of the video footage I have currently released for AO. Listed chronologically in descending order, from oldest to newest.

Pre-Alpha Trailer


AO Maplantis Preview 2

This video shows a few of the things I have been working on, including timings for tier1 attack1/attack2. I choose to keep it fairly low quality for file space. This makes Grips of Hatred kind of hard to see.

MPC gives me errors about "Chunks". It's safe to ignore these.

This is a good video to check out if you want to see DoA's 1.10 limitexpander in action. See how Oblivions should have looked like in the mod night.

Warning: This video contains some hilarious abuse of racial slurs and other such words that younger or sensitive viewers may kill themselves over. But we're modding an M-rated game so that's okay.

www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/Nov14-2007-10-24PM.avi <-- part 1
www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/Nov14-2007-10-37PM.avi <-- part 2

Video 3

Due to the sheer number of times (dozens) I have tried to record these games only for it to end in an undiscernable crash that raped the video footage, this does not have a commentary. It does have audio though.

As usually, ignore any errors about chunks in your feces.

The quality is pretty horrible but should be bearable.

www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/maplant ... 3part1.avi <-- part 1

www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/maplant ... 3part2.avi <-- part 2

Things to note -

- EMP + irradiate = great at killing oblivions, just don't get aggro from them.
- I am really tired when playing this so don't expect an A+ performance.
- It baffles me how my two buildings lasted so long.
- No Legendary unit was built. The AI seems pretty random about this. Looks like he gets to stay a mystery for a while longer.
- The soundtrack I am playing is nothing short of random, only to keep me sane throughout the multitude of times I've had to build walls.
- You'll note that Oblivions and Banes are considerably weaker now. Banes, however, are still immune to irradiate along with a few other units that need to be fixed.
- Grips of Hatred can unfortunately attack air. I will need to cripple their iscript.
- "Infested Terrans", the little goats with scythes, are the highest burst damage potential unit in the game, with 85+15 concussive standard damage and a 8x critical strike. They are very weak in other attributes, though, with only 220 health or so and slower than average speed.
- Gargoyles are currently too fast and possibly do too much damage.
- It seems unlikely I will be able to fix the Shards of Darkness and am currently contemplating a complete replacement for the unit. Oh, if only I could mass rename bmps!
- A lot of units are using the same sounds as other ones or don't yet have custom sounds.

AO - RickyRicky - Video 1
www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/AOricky ... 1part1.avi
I join the local frenchman, Ricky_Honejasi, on an inane and cuss-filled adventure in AO. It might be a bit hard to hear him, but whatever. Fun fact - when I said I was checking if it was recording, I turned off the recording, but growler somehow tied the two files together. *shrug*

Juggernauts are bad news if they get near your tanks when you can't pull them away.

Don't try to mass carriers and solo AO. It won't work. Demonstration included in this game.

I think HKS also rants a bit during this. It's hard to hear him.

AO - RickyRicky - Video 2
www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/AOricky ... 2part1.avi <-- part 1
www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/AOricky ... 2part2.avi <-- part 2

I join the local frenchman, Ricky_Honejasi, on a second inane and cuss-filled adventure in AO. HKS joins us in vent and he's actually harder to hear than ricky but we're talking about WoW (which I stopped playing ages ago thank god) and how all of the players are retards. I think, "Oh, my triple-wall-extreme will slow down AO a little bit!" Hah.

Growler randomly stops recording and refuses to record anymore until I alt tab and then try again. That is why there is a itty bitty part 2 video, near the end of the game. Fun fact - the second video is 42 seconds long! Fun fact 2 - growler killed the end of the 42 second video as well so you miss the very end of the game which consists of all my shit getting shot.

View these videos at your own discretion. If you take offensive to abusive terms lightly then you are playing the wrong game and consorting with the wrong people.

Tier5-6 footage


New alpha trailer

http://www.staff.samods.org/iskatumesk/ ... eviewb.avi
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