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The Mesk Blog - December 01 2009

Postby IskatuMesk » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:35 pm

I am pissed. So very pissed.

So, Bluzzard sent me an e-mail a little while back saying that I have 7 free days on WoW. I thought eh, whatever. But then I had a brilliant idea - let's finish leveling my shadow priest to 60, get the rest of my level 60 epic gear from BC/AQ20 ect, and invest a few days into destroying the 51-60 AV bracket.

So I began. I absolutely despise the leveling system in MMO's where you sit there killing the same shit over and over again forever, but I had done it so many times by now that I just sucked it up and plowed through it. 50-60 happened really fast. I also had HKS run me through molten core, AQ20, ect. Most of the drops were really bad, though; instead of the eye of divinity for benediction, I get the godsdamned hunter leaf, and ossirian repeatedly dropped nothing but mail.

But whatever. I still had almost all of the best gear I could get without going into BWL/AQ40.

I just hit 60. I equipped all of my amazing loot. I had nearly 400 spell power - pretty damn impressive considering that I would probably be the only twink in the bracket with the recent changes (adding exp to events in battlegrounds keeps people out twinking it for very long, but I didn't plan to play for that long). I had already destroyed a shitty level 64 death knight at level 56. I was pumped. I signed up for AV, ready to rock.

The queue pops up. I'm in!



"Wait, why is everyone level 65?" I ask on vent. I look between my fellow players. It strikes me.

Blizzard fucking changed the bracket to 60-69!





Man, I am pissed. Days of work totally wasted. I had a video all fucking planned out for this. I had spent time detailing the mechanics of my character and the game for my audience which aren't terribly WoW educated. I was going to make amazing MSpaint examples of what's going on. It was going to probably be my best WoW video yet, surpassing the Stabbyman series by leaps and bounds.

But no. My hopes and dreams were dashed away. Yes, I could kill low 60 players, but anyone who wasn't a retard and had upper levels would have such a ridiculous advantage in itemization that it's not even funny. Players easily had up to 9k+ Health, versus my paltry 3.5k. My 400 spell power was nothing against warlocks and mages who had up to 700-800 or more. Level 60 epic gear compares to maybe level 62 greens at the absolute best. The whole project is a total fucking failure.

Why in the fuck would Blizzard change the fucking brackets? Again? It makes no sense other than to piss people off. I wasn't the only decently geared level 60 hoping for a 51-60 game in that bracket. A plethora of confused 60s surrounded me as I started screaming at the top of my lungs in rage.

Well fuck.

I guess I'll just drag myself into working on Secret Project S again.

Someone broke into Neville's van the other day. They didn't take anything, but they left quite a mess. Out of anger, Neville let one of the cats outside again. Like clockwork, it falls onto me to chase it down slippery wooden stairs in the pitch dark of night.

I've also been sick as fuck. Every second day I wake up with tremendous stomach pain and shit out my guts for hours on end. I don't know if it's a minor flu or a reaction to the flaxseed the psychiatrist had me take, but it's gay.
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