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The Mesk Blog - October 24

Postby IskatuMesk » Sat Oct 24, 2009 12:31 pm

It's like, day 3 of drugmania.

I think the drug is actually having a positive effect. Although I'm only having like 1.5mg so it's really subtle, I think it's actually doing its job.

I realized what the black man meant by what he said when the old drug was doing stuff it shouldn't have been doing. I think it made me a lot worse than I really was. I got really agitated with it.

Anyways, Steam popped up with some free playtime for a zombie shooter called Killing Floor. Without anything to do, HKS (after some backdooring) and I started it up.

Killing Floor is basically a really bad mod for UT2004, and I'm not sure how it manages to pull off being a game at all.

The first thing that you immediately noticed is the really bad netcode. Players are super jerky. What gets you next is the fact that the zombies spawn right in front of you, often in plain sight. The zombies themselves all use the same model, differing only by their class, so players of Left 4 Dead will feel kind of cheesed out. It plays a little like Invasion in UT, but unlike invasion the monster variety is very little and there's only 7 waves. Also unlike Invasion, there's difficulty settings, and they're totally out of whack.

We started on normal difficulty, and easily plowed through the first wave. Then the spider zombies in the second wave killed us instantly. So, we tried again, and the same thing happened. So we switched to Easy, figuring that since the game was designed for like 6 players and there was only 2 of us that we were only just getting overwhelmed. Well, Easy was really, really easy. We kind of killed everything without even trying and the only time one of us died was when we pulled out the horrendeously buggy rocket launcher. The rocket launcher often would launch rockets under the worldspace where they did nothing, or the rockets would impale themselves on lone zombies and fail to explode at all. In the off chance they actually exploded, they had the potential to instantly kill you as their splash was pretty insane.

Then there's the voice acting. Everyone has british accents. Even the black female that trades you your weapons. I don't know about you, but I think a negro having a british accent is pretty bloody hilarious. All of the lines seem to take advantage of the hilariously bad british acting, using the most cheesy and cliche british lines possible.

That was really the only entertaining part of the mod game. It really did feel like some super shitty mod. For a game that sports advanced, fluid AI like UT2004, they managed to break it to the point where the monsters would often jump up and down in strange corners of the map doing nothing or get caught in strange places. Coupled with being able to indefinitely weld wooden doors while they're beating on them, absolutely wretched animations, cement chips flying off of people's faces as you strike them with a chainsaw, very strange level design and dual wielding desert eagles, this made for some pretty hilarious video footage.
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