September 16 - Current Events

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September 16 - Current Events

Postby IskatuMesk » Wed Sep 16, 2009 2:22 pm

Let's talk Doacks.

I'll be soon releasing Left 4 Lulz 4 - the final chapter in the four-part video series covering the Left 4 Dead campaigns.

I'll then process the video footage I have of the first NWN campaign HKS and I have played through. We haven't played the rest of it yet, namely because it's super fucking gay what with traps 1shotting us left and right and depleting us of our experience and gold in ridiculous quantities every time we die (Seriously, who the fuck designs these games? They deserve to be shot).

I don't know what to record next, but I do have a very small amount of console footage sitting on my DVD-RW's of Turok, Playstation Home, and some other stuff. Once I get more footage I'll process it all. It may take a while, but believe me, it's pretty hilarious.

Right now I feel it's a good idea to lay out what exactly I want to do. Starcraft 2's delay has costed me a lot of time and now I'm left with nothing to really do. I don't really play games a lot anymore. I'm more encouraged to play a game if I find it interesting enough to record more than actually play. It's hard for me to find enjoyment in games anymore.

There are things I'd like to do. These are my challenges. My dreams. Things I can't do until I defeat my weaknesses in character and build a foundation to fight my mental illnesses.

- I'd like to start learning animation again. No, not character animation; that's well beyond me. But animation involving ships and afterburn particles. Stuff like Babylon 5.
- I'd like to improve my modeling skills. I don't know how I am going to do this. But I want to be able to detail my ships and model more complex ships. I'm not quite ready to give up on my dream of B5-level CGI. I think I am capable of doing even better then that, because I have newer tools and Afterburn.
- I'd like to improve my video editing skills. They haven't moved since I started, because vegas is a pretty limited program. I want to start using After Effects but it's really, really complicated and it's on the bottom of my list of programs to figure out. But it's on my list.
- I'd like to make progress on TOA again. I'm stuck at 1014 pages. I have most of the ending parts written out and need to start filling in the holes and editing, but my motivation took a big hit when I started questioning the direction the novel has taken. I need to get this moving again.
- I'd like to start working on the ITAS novel again, or the LoL novel. Either one. I need to get back into the carefree lighthearted nature I had so many years ago. It will do me a lot of good.

These are my goals.
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