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pencil dicks

Postby IskatuMesk » Wed May 27, 2009 10:24 pm

fucking asus antec 900 I hate you and your goddamned newspapers

It gave HKS a hernia when he built it, but the pain wouldn't end there.

Because the weird layout, the hd drive bays are stuck in very odd locations in relation to the flow of wires and other components.

Now imagine the 4870x2. That's a huge fucking video card that BARELY fits in the case.

And the cpu heatsink that is also massive.

The case came with this little HD plastic thing that was so enormous it blocked the video card so I had to yank it out when I switched the cards when my old 2900xt died - an hour worth of work and pain untold. I also had to rewire the whole thing, of course, with the new PSU.

Well the fun part about having the psu on the bottom is that many of the wires need to be reversed to fit, ie the sata HD power cables and the like.

Well now I had to install my fourth hard drive, another 1 terabyte bringing my HD space to 3tb total. This took well over an hour because I couldn't access ANY of the hd bays, and the front panels are screwed in and impossible to get at because of the two fans built into the chassis that are blocking them. So I had to take out the video card and unplug everything just to fit the HD into a location where I could slide it in.

All in all an hour of headaches, yelling, and slamming the back of my head into the bottom of my desk.

Oh, and now my sound doesn't work. The sound card lights up and everything, but windows claims that it doesn't exist.




Fixed the sound. Stupid sound card moving out of its slot...
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