ITAS 3.0 alpha - Released

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ITAS 3.0 alpha - Released

Postby IskatuMesk » Wed Mar 25, 2009 5:00 pm

I wasn't going to release this because I don't believe in releasing unfinished projects, just as I don't believe in releasing demos. But a lot of work was put into this update before it was discontinued, so here it is.

This is released as-is. It will most likely be unstable from the limit expander.

As always, this only works on 1.10.

Major changes from the previous public ITAS;

- The disfunctional "Mafia" pants legion race is now a semi-playable Kaloth Industries, including a devastatingly retarded AI that will probably hand your ass to you on a golden platter with daisies.
- New ships for Xenon Project and Black Squadron, including functional Corvette classes and a few Frigates. The Undead also have a semi-functional Zeral`Motakk and bugged Blood Tornado.
- New voice acting.
- Partly-implimented new graphics.
- Slightly tweaked AI.
- Some rebalancing.
- Probably other stuff I'm forgetting.

Major issues;

- Limit expander will cause random crashes. If it is discovered this isn't the limit expander somehow, let me know.
- The Undead AI can't/won't build the Blood Tornado for some reason, ultimately locking itself and not doing anything.
- Xenon Project AI is just as flakey as it was before.
- I possibly forgot to impliment a fix into the mod that kept the Undead death animations from crashing. If killing a Gygias 100% results in a crash let me know and I'll fix it ASAP.

This mod is discontinued. I will not be updating it.

Special thanks;

- Ashara, for creating his $P AI script. I based on it to create ProtossXtreme 2.0, which I then used as a base for the KA super script.
- Hunter_Killers for creating the super-awesome white transparency palette.
- Lavarinth, for assisting in voice acting. I am unsure if all of his voices made it into the mod, however. I know most of my new ones did not.
- ASofT, for Space terrain.

It goes without saying that the mod was left very largely incomplete. Virtually all of the effects and graphics were going to be totally redone.


I should probably give the map I used to play it on, too.

This mod adheres to my general guidelines. That is, no content in this mod may be used with my express, written permission.
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Re: ITAS 3.0 alpha - Released

Postby FlyingHat » Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:08 pm

Kaloth Industries should be fun to poke around with.

I love your work on this last version of ITAS, despite it being unfinished.

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Re: ITAS 3.0 alpha - Released

Postby bajadulce » Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:43 pm

Excellent.  I've played a few times with Mesk and always enjoy the big ships and explosions.  A modding classic.

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