A day in the life of Mesk

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Re: A day in the life of Mesk

Postby IskatuMesk » Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:37 pm

I'm beginning to wonder if the fiascos like this are having permanent damage or at least long-lasting effects. For the most part I've recovered by now, but I still feel ridiculously weak/tense and my whole chest and stomach are very tingly. It doesn't help that this event disrupted my mental stability I had worked to achieve for updating AO, which will be very hard to get back now.
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Re: A day in the life of Mesk

Postby Lavarinth » Thu Mar 26, 2009 2:30 pm

If anything at the least it would highly drain you of vitamins in your body, making you feel weak and drowsy for a few days if you don't take something to restore them.
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Raging Mac
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Re: A day in the life of Mesk

Postby Raging Mac » Sat Apr 11, 2009 12:31 pm

That's intense pain. My fuck, I thought I use to have it bad. I suffured some bad anxiety attacks, but physically, I experianced NOTHING like that. Do you have a speciific condition or something? Fake chinese food isn't very good for you.

I despise the fastfood industry, I despise all of the fake food, the very convieniant and delicious fake food.

I want to offer help for the paranoia you suffer. It is a form of paranoia right? I just don't think it will be any use to you. From what I've read you're in the deep end.

I just recently conquered my internal strife. TOTALLY. I swear to god (who is ME, BTW, heehee :D), I've never been so in control of my life, not since before I matured, and became aware of the workings of society, which is remarkably simple.

Well, for psychological advice (and I'm trying to make this useful, and I will even go out on a limb and apologize in advance if it is useless): I used to be under immense self inflicted pressure trying to predict and/or interpret what people, civillians, were saying/thinking about me. I always wished I could read minds. Oh man... life would be so fucking EASY, easier than it is for me now a days. So what do I do now a days? I... just have sense of control now. Huh, how useful. But how did I get that control? I practiced with my family members, practiced socializing with them for a bit, until, I realized that... people can be very siimple minded. I reflected on what my fellow students were like, and combined my own style with what the masses did... and it worked!


"S'goin' on"

I'm shaking my head as I read what I've just typed down. How I conqured my fear, i basically said fuck it, I'm sick and tired of trying to fit in... and suddenly I was fitting in! Just speak clear, and for me, always find the humor. I love comedy. If this country was all serious, I'd either kill myself, or kill others than kill myself, just to see what its like. Yeah, you may have found that previous sentence to be odd.

I'm just not scared anymore. I stare down everybody I pass on the sidewalk, and practically everybody is staring at the ground. The ones that do stare ahead and notice me, I either smile or look beyond them. They usually do the same.

Of course, all that crap I just typed can't really help you out with you physical problems, although your body responds to your mind, obviously. Now that I'm laughing at the simplicity at life, I feel like I could run across rooftops, leap high into the air, run like a speed deamon, or fight or kill somebody with confidence and calm.

But, for the most part, I don't feel like killing anyone, I feel like getting to know everybody. I know want to learn from everybody.

Man, just chill out,l it can be all good, it really can be that simple! I realize I'm rambling, but I really want to get these thoughts down, and I hope for the best for you Isatuke, and anyone else who's in the same crapfest as you.     

Lifes a bitch... make it YOUR bitch. The meaning of life, for me at least, is to indulge in pleaserous activities., and to improve on my spelling.
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Re: A day in the life of Mesk

Postby FlyingHat » Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:26 pm

Mesk is schizophrenic, I feel that you haven't exactly read the entire thread.

lol chicken balls

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