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The Deep Hive - New LS Canon

Postby IskatuMesk » Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:02 pm

After Kyru civilization broke apart within the Abyss, and the power of the Soulshards frayed outwards, the Abyss began to change. The remnants of Kyru civilization, to be known as the Wanderers, began the long and miserable battle for their survival.

Yet, Kyru were not the only lifeforms within the Abyss. Long before the rise of Zunn`Loadunn's great cities, primordial lifeforms existed within pockets of the Abyss. Monuments and sanctuaries left behind by the Kyru when they abandoned their home ran wild with ancient life. When Kyru died, or traveled, their energy clung to these sites, and to the life within.

Indeed, just as the Mulsorians would years later, Kyru created lifeforms to deal with their personal problems. Other Kyru, mostly. As energy was released and expended, so were thoughts. The Undead would rise to power with the strength given to them by the dying moments of all the lives that were created during this conflict, and in future conflicts. At the same time, a different kind of life was born. Born from the flourishing and life-giving power of thoughts.

The Deep Hive.

Without the capacity for truly advanced intellect, the Deep Hive differs greatly from future lifeforms of similar design. It lacks a central mind, instead its central mind is spread across the separate minds of its individuals. The larger the hive becomes, the more intelligent it becomes. What once started out as a simple infestation on a forgotten world became a great hunt for the thoughts that it could feel across the vast distances of the Abyss. The Deep Hive began to pursue sources of thoughts; Wanderers and their army. When faced with the prospect of actual battle, the Deep Hive's genetic instincts were forged. All insects and beasts have defense mechanisms, and with an intelligence to drive its own evolution, the Deep Hive engineered these mechanisms on its massive population.

As with all minds, the Deep Hive simply sought to grow. Wanderers saw the coming of the Deep Hive as opposition, and attacked. Over the course of thousands of years, but a flicker in Kyru time, the Deep Hive continued to grow. Some speculated that the Deep Hive controlled nearly as much space as the Undead did later on.

However, everything began to change gradually. Wanderers began to disappear. Alliances were forged, battles lost and won, and the once feverish battlefields of old ran dry. No longer was there thoughts to be fed upon. The Deep Hive was being starved of its food source, because the Kyru were becoming extinct.

The Deep Hive had to adapt. In the Abyss, there is no material "food". Lifeforms do not exist there as they do here. In order to survive, the Deep Hive needed psionic energy to feed upon. So, it pressed deeper into the Abyss, searching for the final, strongest Kyru.
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