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[*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:28 am
by IskatuMesk
This is a comprehensive guide to the Epic Video section of Campaign Creations, a portion of video media maintained by myself (IskatuMesk). These videos have been produced over the years and are offered as a means to alleviate boredom, provide lulz, or give informative experiences regarding games or such. Most of the videos are based in specific series', and most of these series have since been discontinued.

Notes to new viewers

This thread is a collection of older video media (most of it predating Youtube-era content by a year+), so make note that this thread hasn't been updated in ages and the content is a lot more "raw" and less polished than current stuff.

Note - links are all probably dead because Magic punched the server in the face over the internet a while ago.

Disclaimer: These videos and the content herein are written and acted in a very satirical, cynical, mocking-society-of-today kind of way and contain elements and terms that may be offensive to younger or uptight assholish viewers. View castration is advised. The elements of these videos do not represent the views of Campaign Creations and are intended to make parody of often retardedly taboo elements in society's language. All comments regarding these videos should be forwarded to me via PM or via the Epic Video thread in General Discussion.

The majority of videos are encoded in either Xvid-MPEG 4 or H264. Make sure your codecs are up to date and you're using a video player that's actually a video player, ie not windows media player. I will not be offering assistance in this very basic element of media. I realize some of the videos are needlessly large, and this is because of my ignorance in codec settings. Trust me, it's something I've tried very, very hard to correct, but I just don't know enough about encoding to get them to be both legible and small.

Current Projects

Legendary Loladin Challenge

LLC is a series of videos divided by game, and then divided by series. LLC follows me as a I play through a decidedly inane or exceptional game, because anything I do is bound to be retarded and hilarious. All of these videos are commented in realtime as I play and therefore are bound to convey my ridiculous moodswings, extremely offensive humor, and highly unusual playing habits.

An LLC segment featuring Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tribes of the East. Typically played on random maps with 6 computers on normal difficulty, these games are very lengthy and provide an extended adventure for the lifeless, lethargic sack of flesh that is our community. Sit back and enjoy a tour of the game itself and an extensive amount of entertainment as I crush my opponents utterly, get completed fucked by broken map generation, swear profusely at disasterous game mechanics, and get horribly abused by the hardcore cheating AI. Seasons are divided by games, and episodes are divided by Months in gametime. An episode may be considerably longer than comparative episodes depending on the events of that month.

v---- Season 1 - The Angel of Darkness
Race: Dungeon (Dark Elves)
Map: "Impossible" with Underground, 6 players, normal difficulty
Game status: Savegame corrupted

* LLC-HoMM5 0x00 - Download
Length: 1 hour
Size: 408mb
summary: show
This is the first month of the first season. As far as earlygames go, it's pretty standard. As I am playing as dungeon, caution and tactics are key to keeping my hero and units alive. I start exploring and establishing my operations. I also provide a basic explanation of the game and the game's mechanics as I play, introducing new and curious players to the gameplay.

* LLC-HoMM5 0x01 - Download
Length: 1:15 hour
Size: 437mb
summary: show
Earlygame continues in month 2. All sorts of inanity begins to happen and we set up the foundation for midgame.

* LLC-HoMM5 0x02 - Download
Length: 1 hour
Size: 389mb
summary: show
Well, I wonder what our opponents are doing... or what they're about to do...

* LLC-HoMM5 0x03 - Download
Length: 2 hour
Size: 700mb
summary: show
As the introduction says, LLC covers me in my best, and worst, of times. Month 4 is long and clearly gets on my nerves as all sorts of stupid shit starts happening. As I ran into an unforeseen oversight after my second render, I had to merge the MKV with mp3 audio to get the audio track back, so it's a bit larger and not quite as good as the others, but Audition doesn't seem to support mp4 or AC3 audio.

LLC: Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance campaign run as Cybran
Native resolution: 1920x1200
Video resolution: 960x600
Audio: MP4 or AC-3
Video: H264
Container: MKV
Bitrates: Averaging 1400
Status: Discontinued

A video series featuring a "normal" run of SupCom's FA campaign.

About the game: Supcom is an RTS that focuses primarily on economic gameplay with de-emphasis on micro and mechanics. It is rigidly balanced on hard counters and tech. The campaign heavily encourages turtling and often jumps you with surprise buttsecks right after you complete an objective. The mission "Operation: Meltdown" gave many, many players grief because of this. The game itself is not very popular for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which the fact it's more CPU demanding than Crysis, especially when Ai is involved, and received virtually no marketing. Oddly enough, the Campaign performs miles better for me than Skirmish or Multiplayer. The Campaign is using outdated beta balancing but the later half of the recordings will use updated balancing once I fix it. The AI is all pre-scripted spawn and patrol events in the campaign, and is at times easily abused, and at other times excessively gay.

About the player: I am an experienced Supcom player who played extensively with Pheo, both seriously and non-seriously, some time ago. I suck at economy-based games though and it really shows. I'm also really rusty. And I am lazy. And I have a really nasty temper. I abuse broken mechanics and imbalances to their fullest. I'm also a faggot.

* Episodes

Preview/Teaser - Download really bad quality 9mb avi teaser

Mission 1 Downlol - 800mb
Spoiler: show
My first time touching FA in a long time. I really forget how to play the game but ultimately everything turns out okay. Except for my nuke. Believe me, every mission has to be solved by turtling like this. If you don't turtle, the sudden waves of faggots that spawn when you complete an objective will wholly rape you. That, and the AI tends to have t3 fighters swarming their base on game startup.

Mission 2 Downlol - ~850mb
Spoiler: show
Your allies are useless.

Mission 3 Downlol - ~700mb

Mission 4 Downlol - ~1gb

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:32 am
by IskatuMesk
Older videos currently available
These are videos of discontinued series' that will not see new installations. They may be exceptionally outdated, and the techniques in creating them, their arrangement, ect. will not be on par with more recent creations. I'll put tags *Exceptionally Dated* next to videos who are extremely outdated and may pace very slowly. Keep in mind the descriptions are dated as well.

v-------- Stabbyman Series ---------v
Stabbyman follows the adventure of an Orc Rogue in World of Warcraft. Although I was new to rogues I quickly ascended the admittedly very low skill tiers of WoW players and assumed legendary status through both abuse, glitches, and faggotry. Stabbyman also introduced me to video editing in general.

* Episodes

*0x00 - Download - Around 243mb

Stabbyman 00 was the first video I ever made. As a result it's terrible, but it's here that my dabbling in the skill began.

* 0x01 - Download - around 600-800mb iirc but it might be smaller

* 0x3.42 - Download
Running length: 58min
Size: 932mb

Re-awakening is the savior of the universe, Stabbyman. Entrusted by God for a sacred mission of the greatest peril and danger, he scours the world of evil and challenges that which no man can challenge.

v---------Xtreme Xtreme Edition---------v
XXE are compilations or documentaries of extreme inanity focusing on specific or multiple games per episode. They tend to be lengthy and exhaustive but are excellent for late-night adventures when you have little else to do and just want to sit back and relax.

* Episodes
* 2.0 - *Exceptionally Dated* Download

1.4gb, 1:14 hour running time
information: show
XXE2.0 is the work of about two weeks of hunting for footage. I went as far as jumping into Supreme Commander and CNC3 replay forums to find my material. Keep in mind this video was recorded on my old computer, using a 9800 pro!

First we start off with some inanity in our private WoW server, then some Guild Wars, then the video takes full swing. The beginning is kind of slow, so you won't miss much by skipping 10 mins or so.

This is a longer and as a result more heavy video in terms of file size, but considering that 1.4 gigs is still pretty small, who cares. You guys have nothing better to do with your lives. In either case, I've uploaded two clips as well to give you an idea of what the video contains.

I wasn't expecting to find anything usable to record after I did the WoW/initial GW segment, but EA goes and introduces some incredibly retarded things into CNC3 and makes everything completely worth while. Everyone who has seen the video agrees it is 100% inane and delivers. If you've never seen CNC3 or Supreme Commander before, use this video to decide trying them or fleeing for your virginity. ... IPh264.avi[url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url] - Mothership clip 1 ... erh264.avi[url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url] - Supreme Commander clip 1

* 3.0 *Exceptionally Dated* Download
1.8gb, 1:34 hour running time
information: show
Okay, when I set out to make this video, I had no idea what I was getting into. Nevertheless, what I produced was more than worth it.

The next in line of the Xtreme Xtreme Edition series focuses on a single large CNC3 replay. Scoff not at the one and a half hour runtime - due to how slow CNC3 runs when fraps records, I managed an average framerate of about 2-3, making the recording take about a combined total of six years, worsened by the fact DoW minimized me and crashed CNC3 halfway through the effort.

The video starts with two much shorter replays and the main sequence gets under way pretty fast. No more WoW clips, just some random inane CNC3 idiocy and oversights by EA for you.

The entire video is extremely inane. You may never have played any CNC games before, but it shouldn't be too hard to know what's going on. There's a lot of captions to keep you clued in. Some people said captions go by too fast sometimes. I think this is because Vegas previews slower than a fully encoded video, but I can still read most of them. Use your space bar to pause the video during captions if you really need to, but I can't make them an hour-long or you can't see anything important happening.

Things to watch out for -

- Backdooring
- Pink losing a grand total of 6942 harvesters because they automatically path into enemy towers and bases (A 'bug' apparently present in all CNC games...) even if they are across the map or in unusual locations
- Graphical glitches caused by my 9800 pro/ Fraps (the ion cannon should produce a flash effect when it deals its final damage but doesn't), sometimes it does but fraps running tends to knife it.

Since I know people like asking what music I used, off the top of my head I can remember...

- A lot of battlelore
- Kamelot
- Machinae supremacy
- Some Soul Calibur, Hegemonia, King Arthur (Hans Zimmer), some others I likely forgot.

I didn't make any video clips this time. I don't want to spoil the epic factor of this game.

* 4.2 - BLACK EDITION - Download
Size: 1.24 gigabytes
Running time: 1:11 hours
Resolution: 720 x 480
Codec: Xvid

information: show
HKS and I commit ourselves to an epic adventure in Grand Theft Auto 4. With explosions, helicopters, rockets, epic police chases, death-defying stunts, inanity, mailmen, and carnage untold, the world is painted red and set on fire over and over again. With a momentary appearance of Spore and epic usage of the Abduction ray, no pony is left unmolested in our lust for loli.

If you enjoyed my previous San Andreas videos you will love this. Although the beginning gets off slowly, the video gradually increases in pace until it reaches Segment Three - HIGH OCTANE FUCK which describes it quite thoroughly.

* 6.9 - Download
Size - 911mb
Length - 1:18 hours
Resolution - 720x480
Commentary - Audio + Text

information: show
XXE 6.9 features an audio commentary on top of the traditional text comments. Not only is it significantly smaller than the other videos, it takes advantage of AC-3 audio quality, and the interlacing issues present in the other videos are all but a memory.

XXE 6.9 takes you on an epic adventure to find epic lulz. With a momentary visit to crisis to warm the video up, we then return to GTA4 with HKS. The video leads up to a finalle that will shatter the boundaries of the universe forever, rewriting history stealing your closely-guarded virginity.

The entire video travels at a brisk pace and provides a variety of death-defying stunts, carnage, explosions, hilarious netcode bugs, and more.

Note - I did the voice commentary at 3am and was very tired, so it's pretty tame compared to my normal commentaries.

I had an intro partway done but lacked a sizable amount of footage I saw no immediate way of obtaining. Like Blizzard commonly does in game development, I didn't just cut corners, I sawed them right off, and scrapped the entire intro in favor of just getting the video up and done sometime in the same year.

* 7 - Download
The Doack Within
Size - 120mb
Length - Roughly 18 minutes
Resolution - 720x480 (I think)
Commentary - Audio + Text

Spoiler: show
In this XXE, we go back in time with some amazing Timesplitters 3 footage, coupled with more GTA4. A short, but adventurous ride.

* 9.1 - Download
Size - 45mb
Length - Roughly 8 minutes
Resolution - 720x480 (I think)
Commentary - Audio

Spoiler: show
Prepare for some brain damage in Garry's mod.

v---------Documentaries, compilations, ect.---------v

* Earth 2160 Demonstration - Download
This is a high-definition video demonstrating the 2005 game "Earth 2160".
- Size - 803mb
- Running Length - 46min
- Resolution - 1024x786
- Commentary - Audio

Information: show
This is my very first attempt at audio commentating a pre-recorded video. Since both fraps and camtasia desync and break audio when I record with them, especially over long periods of time, I processed my commentary after I had created the footage. I synced it as good as I could, but it may still be a bit off.

Since I was recording in 100+ degrees of temperature and was exceptionally tired at the time, I don't really get into it until the very end. I try my best to explain the game and game mechanics which ultimately results in quite a bit of talking (most of the video), but at least there isn't any text getting in your way.

Terrain looks pretty blurry at points for two reasons.

- I don't have AF on.
- E2160 has a stupid terrain texture LOD system that kills the quality of the terrain detail when zoomed out. When in FPS mode of vehicles, though, or really zoomed in, it looks nice.

Other notes -

- I used a modification called SuperStorm to enable FFA and team mode options in Skirmish. The default game does not allow this. Big, big points against ZuxxeZ.
- Earth 2160 is sequel to the massively popular Earth 2150 which was most well-known in Europe. Both games received little to no marketing in america.
- Be glad I didn't use some alternate method of recording the commentary. The voice acting in the UK editing of E2160 is the most atrocious of any game I have ever played. Nefarion in WoW sounds like a godsend compared to this trainwreck. I hear the american voice acting is even worse, however much it is possible to believe you could get worse then this.
- E2160 runs on the Earth 4 engine. As you will see, it is extremely beautiful. The units look just as good if not better than those in SC2, same with explosions. However, poor terraining, weapon effects, and other things really kill the otherwise well-done atmosphere.
- The game's campaign sucks. Horribly.
- The AI is prone to random acts of retardism.
- Alien ships in E2160 were EA's inspiration to making the absurdly retarded Scrin air units in CNC3.
- The mod SDK for E2160 is only available to "specific third parties". Nails in the coffin.
- The game's balance remains to this day a complete and total disaster.
- The FPS mode, similar to possession in DK2, is not nearly as responsive as the aforementioned game. You can't manually control unit weapons, the controls are stiff, and you get stuck a lot. Still good for getting pretty screenshots, though.
- The map editor is almost exactly the same as the one offered in E2150, which even though predates wc3 by quite a few years, offers a lot more power over terrainining and detail work. Despite this, both games have an almost non-existent mapping community. E2160's mapping community never got off the ground to begin with. The game flopped hardcore.
- There's a lot of sloppy animation glitches. The kind I'd expect out of EA or Blizzard.

Witness a game that had the potential to dethrone starcraft. Witness how badly you can take a potential for an extremely positive sequel and completely ruin it. While this video mostly touches on the aspects of skirmish and game mechanics, some hilarious shit does happen. Things that shouldn't happen.

I wrongfully refer to the LC as ED in the second game.

* Conquest: Frontier Wars Demonstration - Download

This is a high-definition video demonstrating the 2001 game "Conquest: Frontier Wars".
- Size - 560mb
- Running Length - 30min
- Resolution - 1024x786
- Commentary - Text
information: show

CFW is a SC-inspired 2d space RTS that got cockblocked by Microsoft at many occassions. Due to the number of changing developers and the game's lack of marketing, it had a number of patches but was left with a huge lot of significant bugs. The campaign isn't anything to hoot about, but the game's skirmish mode is still fairly entertaining. I am pretty sure this game classifies as "Abandonware" at this point. There was an expansion I was contributing ideas directly to devs about, but MS shot it down and the company died or something. A sequel with the same content, CFW2, was being made by Warthog studios, but has disappeared off the face of the earth 3 years ago and is presumed long dead.

* Starcraft Conversion Showcase video - Oldschool stuff - Download
This is a video demonstration three of my Starcraft conversions - MFTGATRL, HK, and ITAS.
- Size - 900mb
- Running Length - 51min
- Resolution - 640x480
- Commentary - Text

This is a fairly simple video showing skirmishes in three of my best conversions. I didn't get to show off the HK Dreadnaught, or MFTGATRL Gamma Ray/Chemical Storm, but some pretty things did show up. The video shows some massive battles in ITAS and other key points of the conversions, while giving basic descriptions and histories of the mods.

This video is ideal if -

- You don't have SC installed but want to see the mods, anyway.
- You are bored.
- You've never seen a Starcraft modification before.

*Introduction to Loladins of Legend: 2042 - Download
Roughly 540mb
Voice commentated

information: show
An introduction to the gameplay of Age of Wonders 2 and more specifically my now-dead conversion, Loladins of Legend 2042. This video suffered from Guncam's random sound raping ability. I repaired the sound but it's a bit quiet. Around an hour or so long, I think. Lots of action, humor, and inanity.

*Loladins of Legend: 2042 gameplay, Chapter 2 - Download
Roughly 570mb
Voice commentated

information: show
A successor to the previous video. Plenty of inane stuff happens here. Especially cool if you are indeed familiar with the game.

I'm not done posting shit but my computer decided to explode, yet again, and I almost lost this thread data (thank god for firefox's restore). I'm going to post before it happens again... and update it as I go along.

* Brawl videos

Download first one
Download second one

I recorded two Brawl videos with Bill/Zilla/Arcan/ect when it came out. The first one is about 100mb while the second is around 450mb. Both are extremely amusing and showcase a lot of hilarious events and abuse. Ever wanted to see Wibod ragequit? Here's your chance!

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:13 am
by IskatuMesk
v--------Modding-related garbage ---------v

A lot of these videos were never shown publicly or were never largely publisized. They are material for modding or mod development I used to show stuff. Some are public videos created to promote mods or parts of mods. As I don't mod anymore, they're here just in case someone wants to see what I used to do. There is also a handful of tutorials and stuff I made.

* Starcraft Tutorials

These are outdated tutorials for Starcraft recorded in high definition for easy viewing. As they were recorded by camtasia, the audio and video are largely desynced and so I scrapped the project.

* Episodes

* 01 Part 1 Download
* 01 Part 2 Download
* 01 Part 3 Download
* 01 Part 4 Download

* 02 Part 1 Download
* 02 Part 2 Download
* 02 Part 3 Download
* 02 Part 4 Download
* 02 Part 5 Download

* AO Maplantis videos

Back when AO was first being made I recorded a number of videos, some with Ricky, while playing the mod. I don't think those videos were ever shown elsewhere. Their names are misleading as to their dates relating to each other, but I'm assuming the listing they're here is in chronological order from oldest to newest, although all of them are very old and are dated by the Youtube alpha video. iirc all of them are commented by myself.

* AO Maplantis Preview - Download

* AO Maplantis Preview 3 - Download part 1  Download part 2
A video numbered as "3" but I can't find a "2".

* AO Maplantis Preview Ricky - Download Game 1  Download Game 2 part 1 Download Game 2 part 2
Two AO games with ricky. I remember both of them being highly entertaining.

* AO Gaze of Vanity test videos
Download Unit Graphic demo part with hilarious offensive commentary  
Download +Projectile Part

Fairly early into AO's production, a video showcasing the Gaze of Vanity when I just got it working. Gives a bit of insight into some of the thinking that goes into the production of my mods, and shows some pretty stuff.

* Supreme Commander ITAS Judginator video Download
Back when I was trying to mod Supreme Commander, this video shows what I managed to do with the basic Undead graphics and a ship ripped out of Sins. The ships aren't supposed to move around; the Judginator used a deployment system to force it to stay still but this produced multitudes of control bugs and caused "snapping" that you can see at the end of the video. The project died right after this video was made.

* The Black Sun: Bloodstone Jordan videos

Download Valkyrie video
Download Gorekhan video
Download Destroyer Introduction video
Download Teaser chunk B
Download Teaser chunk C
Download Teaser chunk D

There was a time when I was foolish, and tried to return to Homeworld 2 modding for the third time, but under the cloak of secrecy. It failed miserably. The first three videos are ones I never showed to anyone outside of the Relic forum. The others I posted in a thread when I publicly announced the secret project's death. They are parts of teaser footage I had scrapped for a large video shortly before giving up the project.

I am aware that the Gorekhan video has a high-pitched noise in the intro, at fault of the heartbeat sound I used. That's what I get for using headphones when I created the video - I could barely hear it, then, when it's really loud as hell.

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 3:13 am
by IskatuMesk
v-------- Misc Videos  ---------v

These are videos that don't fit anywhere else. Tests, demonstrations, smaller videos that tend to cover basic subjects, or scrapped intros and things that linger about my FTP. Most of this is old, some is REALLY old.

* Scrapped 4269: The Galactic Cucumber - The Alamo intro Download
An intro for a scrapped video series - The Galactic Cucumber - that was going to be focused on Supreme Commander gameplay, about half a year or so ago. The game lagged a lot, and although over an hour of footage was processed, I didn't have the drive to voice act it, and the project died. This intro is largely unfinished but as I was using trial plugins for half of the effects that ran out very quickly, I couldn't finish it, either. You can see there's lots of things that needed to be fixed. You can see a bit of UT3 demo footage, too - where I filled the entire demo maps with Darkwalkers and Cicadas. It's also funny because the trial effects I were using were all buggy as fuck and the strange breaking of the light rays is completely their fault and totally unfixable.

* Frolickc - Download

A short clip of some GTA: San Andreas footage that is exceptionally amusing, especially in the beginning. Magic made an editing version complete with music but I can't find it. This is pretty damn old.

* Butts two point oh - Download
What happens when I buy an Xbox and halo 2? Well... something very inane.

* 3D animation tests

Download Test3
Download Test4
Download Test5

A few very recent animation tests. Max decided to be very unstable and unco-operative which forced me to discontinue trying to figure out animation.

* Mazta Cheff (episode 1?)  Downlode

What happens when the Master Chief ends up inside Torlan Delta and the planets align...? Well... something very inane.

* Left 4 Lulz Primer Download
* About 140 megs, ~6 minutes in length

A short video with some inane moments in Left 4 Dead, including some Multiplayer footage.

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:15 pm
by IskatuMesk
Legendary Loladin Challenge: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Youtube Primer/Introduction

Welcome to an old classic and quite possibly one of the gayest RPG's I've ever played. Which isn't to say I've played a lot of RPG's, but this one is still pretty bloody gay.

Series Notes
* The filesize of the segments is considerably lower than normal, thanks to the lower bitrate.
* As the series goes on, I get more and more bitter.
* This game is retarded and whoever did the monster design is a fucking idiot and I want to KILL HIM
* I try my best to fully voice act every and all dialog but since I am generally really tired and senile I get voices mixed up easily.
* Segment Spoilers tell which parts of the game are covered.


* Segment 1 Download, 261mb
Spoiler: show
Level Forest, Bone Palace

* Segment 2 Download Part 1, 248mb Download Part 2, 541mb
Spoiler: show
Ice area, super gay labyrinth ice pyramid place

* Segment 3 Download Part 1, 286mb Download Part 2, 332mb
Spoiler: show
Burning place/ragequit area

Download Part 3 (Rerun), 258mb
Spoiler: show
Prepare for some raaaaage
Sound might have gotten a bit desynced.

*Segment 4 Download Part 2, 258mb
Spoiler: show
Forest place with Kaeli the cheap blonde

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:31 am
by IskatuMesk
Xtreme Xtreme Edition 8
Length: Roughly 25 minutes
Size: ~250mb
Format: H264 MKV (use VLC player if you shitty macintosh can't handle it!)
Download -[url=http://]http://[/url][url=http://]http://[/url]

This video contains footage from Garry's Mod, Sacred 2, World of Warcraft, and I think something else. Anyways, it travels very quickly and is extremely inane. Enjoy!

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Mon May 04, 2009 12:10 pm
by IskatuMesk
Late-Night Doacks with IskatuMesk

A series of videos pertaining to fairly lengthy gameplay videos produced by myself, usually on late-night binges. Sit back and prepare for some good ol-fashioned offensive commentary.

Conquest: Frontier Wars


Size - 700mb
Length: A little over an hour
Join me on my quest to get anally raped by the Nightmare AI in Conquest: Frontier Wars.

Dungeon Siege 1

Warning: May cause cancer!

Dungeon Siege 2

Part 1 -

This is a 5-hour 4.5 gigabyte fiasco of hilarity.
Download DS2_lol_part1

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Mon May 25, 2009 9:43 am
by IskatuMesk
Here's a Dungeon Siege video!

Warning: May cause cancer!

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 1:49 am
by IskatuMesk
The MFTG Series

A short-lived series Milldawg created to overlay one of my age-old audio webshows. Most of the episodes are around a minute or so long and aren't terribly large.

Warning: Extreme brain damage may occur.

* Episode 1 Download
* Episode 2 Download
* Episode 3 Download
* Episode 4 Download

Third Generation Videos

Wc3 videos

All wc3 videos are recorded in 1600x1200.

* Wc3 lulz 1
About an hour long, 1 gig. This video will give you brain cancer for sure.

wc3 Lulz 1

* Wc3 lulz 2
I asked mucky to send me any amusing replays he had. He sent me this dota replay. What. The. Fuck. 42 minutes long, 400 megs.

wc3 Lulz 2

* Wc3 FFA SS lulz
This was originally an FFA between me, Ricky, and Bill. But during the countdown, Laconius secretly switches from observers to my team. Hilarity ensues.

Observe as some of the most horrible players in wc3 you'll ever witness go head-to-cock in an epic showdown of ultimate destiny. I forget to do all sorts of shit, like revive heroes, use hotkeys, turn on statue healing, and more. Who will win this confrontation?!

Wc3 FFA SS lulz

Left 4 Dead videos
Not recommended if you take offense to racial slurs. Also worth noting is that my never finished MFTG sound pack for left 4 dead is still enabled. This means that smokers sometimes make Hyuck Hyuck noises and hum irritably. Unfortunately, since the sounds are so quiet and I could never find out why, I abandoned the project.

* Left 4 Lulz 1
- 715 megs
- 944 x 544
- 1:49 hours

A reborn Left 4 Lulz. Follow Hunter_Killers and myself as we attempt the first Left 4 Dead campaign on Advanced.

* Left 4 Lulz 2
- 735 megs
- 944 x 544
- 1:40ish hours

Campaign 2. I made an effort to normalize the volume of my outbursts since it seems the volume is really uneven, as for some reason the volume of hks/the game is really quiet. I have this feeling that for some reason fraps recorded using my dynamic mic.

* Left 4 Lulz 3
- 700 megs
- 944 x 544
- 1:40ish hours

Campaign 3. This time I introduce Hard Limiting to the sound. This evens it out considerably better than manual editing, but I have to manually edit it, anyway. The end result is considerably better volume levels.

* Left 4 Lulz 4
- 700 megs
- 944 x 544
- 1:40ish hours

Campaign 4. The painful, yet hilarious, end to the series!

* Left 4 Lulz 5
- 420 megs
- 944 x 544
- 50 minutes

The new killa campaign. It's really short. But still pretty lulzy.

* Left 4 dead 2 demo Lulz
- 450 megs
- 944 x 544
- 50 minutes

The demo video I forgot to upload during the time it would have been most desirable.

New Starcraft Videos

With the new version of fraps, I can record sc again! Horray!

* sclulz1 - FFA
- 150 megs
- 640x480
- 30 minutes

I refer to Yellow as Teal a few times, but still. Pretty gosh darn brain damaging for a first entry video.

* sclulz2 - FFA
- 240 megs
- 640x480
- 1 hour

Another FFA! Twice the length, twice the color screwups in the commentary, twice the brain damage!

Vile Egression Showmatches

Vile Egression Match 1
Mesk vs Ricky

Vile Egression Match 1
Mesk vs Krazy

Unreal Tournament 3

Here is the UT3 series. This follows a co-op run through the campaign by HKS and I. We are extremely rusty, and we decided to play on the second to hardest difficulty. Unlike most games, this actually makes the game difficult, often to the point of ridiculousness by giving the bots god-like reactions and improving their firing speed, damage, and health. In a game as twitch and luck dependent as UT3, you can imagine how often this infuriates us.

Insert typical warning about language, screaming, and derogatory terms. You know the drill.

* UT3lulz1
- 1.1gigs
- 960x600
- 1:30 hours

The first episode. The energy of the night starts strong and there is plenty of outbursts and swearing.

* UT3lulz2
- 1.2gigs
- 960x600
- 1:30~ hours

The second episode. whoa nelly

* UT3lulz3
- 1.6gigs
- 960x600
- 2 hours

Episode number three.

* UT3lulz4
- 1.5gigs
- 960x600
- 2~ hours

Windows alt tab fanatics continues into the beginning of this video, making me quite enraged! The sound in this one is a little desynced. Fixing it would have meant babysitting another series of renders. I believe VLC can fix it client-side though.

* UT3lulz5
- 2.3gigs
- 960x600
- 3~ hours

More UT3 pain! We never finished the final level, and I chose not to include the ~hour long footage of our attempts because it was seriously just too painful to watch.

Misc Third-gen Videos

Diablo lulz
- 233meg
- 480x460
- 40 min

So, I convinced HKS to try Diablo 1 with me. Not Hellfire, because it doesn't support multiplayer. Little did we know...

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:44 pm
by IskatuMesk
Xtreme Xtreme Edition 11

Xtreme Xtreme Edition 11

Re: [*] The Epic Video Guide

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2009 2:50 pm
by IskatuMesk
Fourth-gen Videos

Left 4 Dead 2

Advanced campaign runs with HKS on release day and the day after. Twice the amount of pain, lots of getting lost, absolutely absurd events, chargers, and fire.

* Campaign 1
Length: 1:48 hours
Size: 1.5gb

The first campaign. There is burning, and chainsaws, and KATANAS.

* Campaign 2
Length: 2:50 hours
Size: 2.4gb

Most of this time is invested in retarded hilarious shit like endless spawning zombies and chargers launching people off of rooftops.


* Episode 00
Length: 1:40 hours
Size: 1.4gb

The first episode of my Borderlands series, played with HKS. This starts off pretty slow, what with fucking around with volume (the game was super quiet for me for some reason). Ultimately the game and HKS ended up being louder than usual and it might be a bit hard to hear me.

Also watch as I blindly stumble around the console-port interface and do stupid things. Yay!

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Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:29 pm
by IskatuMesk
Due to FTP restrictions this content is no longer available. If you'd like to see any of this content you will need to receive it from me directly. To inquire about such a transaction of bodily fluids, throw me a PM and have an AIM account ready.