[2042] Alpha 4 internal notes + Screenshots

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[2042] Alpha 4 internal notes + Screenshots

Postby IskatuMesk » Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:31 am

Alpha 4 has been reached. This is not adhering to the original phase plan but a new one.

I have been playing with HKS recently after I was able to solve the bug regarding units vanishing. There has been a notable number of advances.

- Kirky has sent me a handful of new graphics that shall be put to use.
- By playing with hicks I have begun to shape an idea how the balance is going to have to be done.
- I have access to all of lineage 2's and Requiem: Bloodymare's sounds. That's well over 600 megs of sfx right there alone.

There is still some very big problems for the mod that are going to keep it from growing too far.

- #1 problem: Lack of suitable graphics. Although I am employing the use of many of Kirky's graphics, most of them don't fit the theme of my races and don't go well together in these races as many of them are just for random heroes of his (and he has a hell of a lot of said heroes!). I need a solid, constant source of graphics.

Currently, there is three options for graphics.

1.) HKS can put effort into making graphics through 3ds max. Problem with this is that max 5.1, the only version with a suitable mdl importer, is pretty gay to work with. He's far more experienced with max than I am however and it doesn't seem he's willing to explain what exactly he does with what.

2.) I can try to figure out max 5.1 and do it myself. With schizophrenia I highly doubt this will happen since it requires too much solid work all at once to keep focused.

3.) I can do it Kirky's way and use the wowmodelviewer and cut them into avi's and split the avi's and then work with the frames. Problem is, subpar graphics quality and perspective distortion plus it's a fucking chore of tremendous proportions to guess the angles right and it's a lot of drudgery grunt work to keep splitting and renaming frames and it can all easily go wrong and force me to start over.

I still have yet to exhaust d2 of all of its graphics potential (it can probably fill up most of the Doom Prophets race) but again this is a lot of grunt work I'm just not capable of doing right now.

#2 -

I don't know if my balancing scheme is going to work or not. It might need much further thought yet.

What I have done very recently

- Started the steps of rebalancing the mod. Defense values and damage values are being further reduced and attack values are being raised. In general. Heroes are becoming more powerful, indirectly as a result of the unit nerfs, and directly. A lot of units are being significantly changed.
- Several new heroes have been added and several existing ones have been altered. Notable inclusions include three Legendaries - Leonidas (Loladins), Lord Ashakhalik (Bloodstone), and Skeram (Doom Prophets).
- Started the processing of Lineage 2's vast sound archive.
- Added a handful of new units including several Confederate mechs that need to be enabled and voice acted yet.
- Started a larger portion of item additions and heavy modifications to existing weapons, basically going to phase out all of the old stuff. Items are becoming much more powerful and correctly gearing your hero can make him incredibly powerful as is intended.
- Wrote some hero descriptions.
- Started expanding the soundtrack further.

What I plan to do in the near future

- Give all nodes correct garrisons (They will be rather heavily defended)
- Voice act Confederate units
- Voice act Amon the Corrupter
- Voice act some misc units
- Process Legion's voice submissions and add them
- I think there's some of Lav's voice submissions to process as well
- Process more L2 sounds and incorporate them into units that need them
- See if I can remember enough about frame management to process the multitude of d2 graphics I have sitting post-extraction.
- Beg Kirky for help
- Beg HKS for help
- Give up on them both and kill myself

And here's a screenshot gallery of some of my recent tests.

http://www.doack.campaigncreations.org/ ... /index.htm
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