My new campaign: Master of War

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My new campaign: Master of War

Postby Marine » Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:19 pm

[glow=green,2,300]MASTER OF WAR[/glow]

1200 years before StarCraft...
200 years after the Aeon of Strife...

A story of how the Dark Templar can be heroes as much as the High templar...

Main Characters
Z'Lura. (Fenix Zealot)
Masserdon. (Tassadar)
R762z (Warbringer)
Norgon (Fenix Dragoon)
Schri (Zeratul)
Malanz (Dark Templar Hero)
Ergeron Marson (Firebat Hero)

Minor Characters
Benstar (Artanis)
Nel'Sto (Mojo)
Council Master Mestron (Zeratul/Tassadar)
Judicator Aldon (Danimoth)
Ravager XII (Hyperion)
Nol (Templar)
The Plague or 'Darkness' (for now, but later the Zerg)
Taeredun (Fenix Zealot)

Brosz (Terran)
Plague, Darkness, Creatures of the Desert (Zerg)

Z'Noz (After my campaign it is Umoja)
M'Noz (After my campaign it is Moria)
Thanix III
K'Noz (After my campaign it is Korhal)
B'oz (After my campaign it is Braxis/Khyrador)
Enderdon (Brosz Homeplanet: Maybe shown later in expansion)

After the waging civil was as the Aeon of Strife, the Conclave on Aiur sent a large fleet to 're'-take control of the planets they once had, a rich in resources star system known as the Z'Noz system. (Planets known as Korhal, Moria and Khyrador/Braxis in my campaign are part of the Z'Noz system but with those names... yet.)

Since the Z'Noz system was part of the war, most life was destroyed, it didnt take much for the new fleet led by Mestron to conquer the planet system. Master Mestron along with his apprentice Norgon created the Council of Z'Noz, All tribe leaders that came with Mestron helped in by making the Council work. Each leader such Benstar, Nel'Sto, Judicator Aldon, Norgon and Mestron. Masserdon and Z'Lura agreed to help, Masserdon was granted position as Executor for his fine political skills and a smart tactition and Z'Lura was granted Praetor as a fine war commandore.

Even though the Z'Noz Protoss had a small army, they were skilled in formations, and manuvers. They knew there system well, (Like the Greeks vs the Persians) until one night...

Masserdon and Z'Lura were in charge of running a science platform/facility orbiting M'Noz. When over the intercom that the orbital station crew was destroyed. The Protoss station was about to crash in the Perenol river on M'Noz (south location). The station command (where Z'Lura and Masserdon along with R7 were) had three breaches by a 'human-like' race. Tiny bomber ships along with dropships broke through the air conduct halls. Two large garrisons broke through the main entrance, and three garrisons along with wargunners and destroyers broke into the waste removal entrance. They outnumbered -- outstrenghtened -- and outwitted the Protoss. There leader known as Brazen Ergeron Marson of the Brosz Tribe Marson led the attack. He saved the platform after Masserdon and Z'Lura (w/ r7) escaped.

Masserdon and Z'Lura made there way to Z'Noz, but they had a greeting, it seemed a large army of the Brosz fleet broke through the Protoss fleet and landed on Z'Noz, using there remaining large force and the Z'Noz gate defence, Masserdon and Z'Lura pushed them back. Masserdon didnt do much fighting as Z'Lura commanded the elite army to destroy the Brosz defensive bases. "The Brosz sure know how to work fast, they can construct bases in no time at all" -- Z'Lura fighting through the eltie Brosz outer defence.

Z'Lura along with Masserdon's aid pushed the Brosz fleet out of the Z'Noz system. They called next a council meeting to dictate on there next moves against this Brosz threat.

Master Mestron, Norgon, Nel'Sto, Judicator Aldon, Masserdon with R7, Z'Lura, and Benstar all attended the meeting. The debate would last several hours, to dictate why they should go after them, half the council thought that the Brosz fleet was destroyed when Z'Lura defeated them, and petitioned why they should go after the 'remnants'. Luckily, Z'Lura, and Masserdon explained that was not the whole army... a small portion of it.

As the Council went on rambaling about dealing with this threat, Z'Lura spoke up once again. He requested that the Dark Templar assist the Z'Noz army against the Brosz army.

The Council expelled the idea, they want nothing to do with the Dark Templar, but then the Council did decide to go after the Brosz army, as the Ara Tribe led by Master Mestron was the main supporting troop while each other tribe would help, such as the main fighting tribe the Sargas and the Yelari tribe to fight them.

The Council meeting was ended, and they began to counter the army, Z'Lura was banished for asking the Dark Templar's aid, he went past the outer rim of the Z'Noz system, as Masserdon, R7 with his Sargas tribe and his new Yelari Tribe along with vice master Norgon and his tribe. (purple). They kept on holding out the Brosz army getting past the border into the Z'Noz system, until Masserdon was to worried about Z'Lura after three months. He called a new meeting to debate on the Dark Templar with Z'Lura.

When the meeting started Masserdon petitioned that the council allowed the Dark Templar to assist them, the council said that the Conclave on Aiur would ban them for this, and they will not defile the Khalai laws... this tore up the Council, because Norgon, Nel'Sto, Masserdon, Benstar all agreed in allowing the Dark Templar because they believed in the Dark Templar and that the Protoss should be reunited. Mestron and Judicator Aldon did not, they would never defile the Khalai Laws.

Judicator and Mestron would make a civil war with the others which took there minds off the Broszian war, which allowed the Brosz army to get into the Z'Noz system after also using there hostage planet M'Noz after destroying the massive cities on the planet of humans... After destroying much of there armies Masserdon and the others infiltrated the installation where Judicator Aldon resides. He was doing more darker then anything the Dark Templar did, he was calling the 'darkness' that Nel'Sto been sencing to strenghten Mestron's army. The Computer referred because of there DNA as the Zerg. Judicator Aldon had a handful of them at his installation defence.

When R7 reached Judicator Aldon, Aldon opened air conduct halls near him which poured around 50 Zerg at the R7, due to the player, R7 does survive and teleports to Aldon's keepings. Aldon was >||< that close to killing R7 before Norgon arrived, he ordered Masserdon to beam R7 and himself along with Norgon after destroying Aldon. Aldon was too confused due to the fact that Norgon hallucinated himself four times to hold him off before he destroyed him himself.

Z'Lura arrived and then landed on a platform where a large blockade of Ara tribe and remaining Judicator Aldon tribes (the Zerg Judicator was calling couldnt aid him), Z'Lura also recieved that Nel'Sto's wing was coming in to destroy the large Dragoon blockade not knowing of Z'Lura's prescence (earlier in the game R7 tracks him and finds out he is suppose to be dead) Yet they do break through the blockade together with the Dark Templar's aid Malanz and Schri. Killing Mestron and turning there attentions towards the Brosz Army.

Since there sights were off the Brosz army for a quite long time the Brosz army destroyed much of the rest of the fleet, and conquered most planets in the Z'Noz system, even most of Z'Noz and had its remaining fleet led by there capital ship the Ravager XII. But with recent attacks in the outer rim by Z'Lura, Schri and Malanz they crippled some-what of the fleet. Then with the combined might of the crippled remaining Council army and Z'Lura's Akilae Tribe, they were able to tear apart the fleet and send the Ravager XII crashing into Z'Noz creating a large crater in the earth (the Ravager XII is the largest ship and most powerfulest of the Brosz army and largest ship then any ship of all three races), they then began to descend onto Aiur. During the fight when assault the entrance, ten Brosz H90-Fraggers spelled uncertain death for the captain of the wingmen... Benstar and Nel'Sto.

As they descended into Z'Noz they watched as the Ravager XII slowly crashed into the planet killing millions of Broszians, not only on the planet but in side the ship. Ergeron: Brazen to the Brosz army was now in shock as a strong warrior of the Brosz... a first, as they saw the Ravager went down after all they had done, there capital and oldest ship crash. A message from the Protoss that the hour of reckoning has come and the last heartbeat for the Brosz has come...

As Norgon, Masserdon with R7 left to take out the remaining fleet from the other planets (not with the Ravager when it was destroyed) the other planets in the system conquered by the Brosz came to assist them, Norgon, Masserdon left Z'Lura, Schri and Malanz to destroy the Brosz army on the planet while they dealed with the incoming fleet.

Z'Lura was a master strategist, he led many victories in the past, he was a great warrior in the Aeon of Strife (AoS), he had the Dark Templar hide in the weak spot near the capital command where Ergeron resided, Ergeron was smart but this was a good decision, the Dark Templar could sneak past the mountain when the time was right and assassinate Ergeron. Z'Lura's army would hold off the Brosz attack.

Z'Lura's army constisted of over 4,000 Zealots with 2,000 dragoons and over 1,000 ships. The Brosz army had over 3,000 ships but 5,000 troops. Half of which were in bunkers. Z'Lura at the head of his army charged into battle (like ALexander against the Persian Empire) and the Zealots agnighted there blades and slaughtered the army, but the Brosz army was still making progress, even in there small numbers they were a brutal army, they conquered most of the zealots (except Z'Lura) and the tanks knew how to take out the dragoons and reavers. But Z'Lura's army was more crafty then brutal they knew how to take down there enemy and wear to kill them, his fleet also knew how to be crafty, and how to do formations in taking out the brosz fighters and how to take out the fraggers quick before they destroyed them like they did Benstar and Nel'Sto. But then the Brosz retreated into there base where they were more situated which took Z'Lura a much more difficult time due to the turrets and bunkers... but this was the time when he called the Dark Templar in...

Malanz and Schri along with the Dark Templar and there corsairs came through the mountain pass. The Corsairs helped Z'Lura by using there power to take down the turrets allowing ships to destroy the bunkers and the Zealots slaughtered them. The Dark Templar destroyed the Capital Command and Ergeron turned while a few Dark Templar followed by Malanz circled him not to kill him yet. While Schri helped Z'Lura with the rest Dark Templar... Z'Lura the master strategist finally breached into the base and slaughtered all of the Brosz there. Z'Lura and Schri came into the circle with Malanz. Ergeron kneeled down and surrendered. Z'Lura allowed escape pods with a troops to retreat, the armies of the Brosz tribes would never truly rebuild and challenge the Protoss, even though the Protoss are weak now. By Ergeron could not live with himself with his defeat on Z'Noz and ordered Z'Lura to kill him. Z'Lura did so and then the Protoss were victorious.

Malanz not feeling the same way the rest did and ordered off to go kill the remaining Brosz fearing they might grow, and attack later... Schri ordered him not to but Malanz didnt follow and with a small fleet went into deep space to find them and destroy them... no words from him after.


Back in space the remaining Brosz fleet was destroyed and the rest retreated with the dropships... Masserdon and Norgon with R7 went back down to the planet to celebrate.

During the next year while rebuilding the new Council on the Z'Noz system the Protoss also would go back and rebuild the other planets in the system that were conquered by the Brosz. The humans on M'Noz later came back, while the Protoss on all the other planets came back to live a life on the other planets, they were strong once again, Masserdon controlled the fleet safeguarding the system.

Norgon became head council master and then the Council was rebuilt with new members along with Z'Lura and Masserdon and Schri.

Schri became one with the Council...

The Council of Z'Noz allowed the Dark Templar in there society, but some didnt like that and sent a few Protoss to Aiur to tell them about this matter, but that was later, the Dark Templar were welcomed back happily.

Z'Lura became General Praetor of the army for his good judgement and master strategist, because of him the Protoss wouldnt of won the war...


Of course the Darkness that Judicator Aldon called from deep space, without a master they did what they did best... destruction, a new war would come to the Z'Noz system after the Broszian War that lasted 25 years, but this would be worse, darker and longer then the Broszian Wars, they will be the meaning of terror...

Malanz now without contact for three years has Schri worried... but thats a story for a different time...


- Marine_382BB


Script: 100%
Map: 99%
Music: 100%

[glow=green,2,300]MASTER OF WAR[/glow]
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