Looking for a Old Campaign

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Looking for a Old Campaign

Postby Zeoinx » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:49 pm

So for a while now, I thought the campaign was The Antioch Chronicles but since redownloading it, it didnt have the mission i was remembering....

So, from what I remember, of the play out to the mission i remember the most about, you were fleeing some major Zerg infestation on the planet, ducked through a "Installation" map to escape, or evade, went out the other side, met some protoss, and ended up in space on a Space Platform that the Zerg created this huge blockade that you needed to escape from. I am pretty sure there was a firebat hero, and a Science Vessel hero, as well as a Protoss one of unknown unit class.... its been that long.

Anyway, the Space Platform has you on the bottom middle of the map, there is a small zerg base or "outpost of defenses" directly to your right, and that leads to more resources. Between you and the middle of the map is open space that then leads to a wide "Belt" of space platform that goes across the entire map, full of Zerg AA and AG Defenses, as well as splurts of Scurges, Muta and maybe even a few Guardians... and beyond that at the top of the map, is the Escape Point, that you need to bring I think all the heros and maybe some dropships or something...

It was a very hard campaign (Or at least I remember it being hard for me....) and the story was pretty enjoyable, prob wasnt AAA Writing but I remember it being better then the Retribution Campaign that I ended up getting....

Anyway, if Anyone remembers it and has it still can I get a copy! Thanks

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