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(Starcraft remastered campaign) The Federation

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:37 pm
by yepitzme
I'm here to announce that I've started working on a custom campaign using Starcraft Remastered's Map Editor. It's Filler name is currently "Galaxy Battles" (if there' another campaign named with Galaxy Battles in the name please let me know thank you). It tells the story of the Swarrats Sector, a seperate sector from the Koprulu sector which is under complete rule by the Empire of the Federation. You take control of an unnamed commander just trying to do his duty for the Federation within a parody story loosely based on the Star Wars series with missions based on Set Pieces of the movies. I've attached the map files for the first two unpolished missions of the campaign and it'd be nice for some constructive criticism on how to fix and improve the first two maps. Each map does rely on an AI script instead using triggered, spawned waves of enemies.

Here is the link for the folder to the map. (The folder will be updated regularly with new missions or updates for previous missions).!1CZUCZyR!fPGujjfPYz1zF967GWASRA

Re: (Starcraft remastered campaign) The Federation

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:30 am
by Revolta
Always happy to see more campaigns being developed! Some info for you in case it's useful:

According to the most complete list of custom campaigns on the web, no campaign called `Galaxy Battles` was ever circulated, so you should be in the clear (not that a unique title is 100% necessary, imo)

Based on your wording, I assume you're using StarEdit (the classic game editor). I'd urge you to check out SCMDraft 2, as it offers a lot more freedom than the stock editor.

You've got an interesting premise for a campaign given the connection to Star Wars. You used the word "parody" - is it a comedic campaign, or more on the serious side?

I hope everything goes well! Once your campaign is complete, let us know and we can get it added to the campaign listings.