Warcraft 3 TC for Starcraft! Help!

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Warcraft 3 TC for Starcraft! Help!

Postby Lamb003 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:53 pm

Hope i'm on the right section lol.

Firstly, i'm completely and utterly new to this community and modding. I've been looking around the net to solve my problem with executing w3tc.exe in my Starcraft folder (the version of the file is v1.0 Alpha btw) (and yes this is the mod made by Infoceptor). I've been lucky enough to find the remnants left by Infoceptor since i've been digging around the net for quite some time. So here's the thing, I've patched Starcraft BW to 1.07 and have ran compatibility mod for win98 (this one solves the Riched20.dll error).
Here's the exact quotes of the error when I try to execute the exe file:

"Stardraft Patcher
Error reading DocRTF->lines, strings:RichEdit line insertion error."

Now I know that it's actually impossible to run it with win XP and later since StarDraft only works with win98 and that the only known alternative to get around this problem is to install a virtual win98 PC. I don't want to use the virtual PC nor do I have the resources atm to do so. I've also tried the riched20.dll and riched32.dll replace in System32 but unfortunately the error is still there. Is there any other possible way to get around this problem? I've been dying to play this mod again. Please help. :/

Got Warcraft 3 TC v1.0a to work. Just needed WinMPQ + MPQDraft and they all work fine.

I actually got my hands on Warcraft 3 TC v2.0 and the 2.2 patcher thanks to the awesome @IskatuMesk
Does anyone know how to make it work since version 2.2 still uses stargraft and it's no longer useful for the latest windows OS. I only have the 2.0 and 2.2 exe files and a MPQ file. Can anyone walk me through this? Thanks in advance.

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