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StarCraft Fan Campaign Listing

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 1:36 pm
by Church

Please be aware that I am currently unable to commit to this thread, check here for any updates.

JUNE 8, 2017 NOTE: With the main website still down as of today, the best place to find the campaigns hosted by Campaign Creations are in the DOWNLOAD MASTERLIST below. For reference, check the following spoiler box for a list of the CC Campaigns.

Life of a Marine
The Flame Knives
Aeon of the Hawk

Ascension of Duran
Dark Purposes

Vision of the Future
Black Dream
Final Destiny
Zeji Conversion

Past Purposes
Dawn of Darkness
Fallen Angel

Fall from Grace
Celestial Irruption
The Gallantry

The Fenix
CC 2000
New Avalon II (and the original)
The Bob Levels
War of the Tribes
Reclamation of Aiur

With the advent of StarCraft: Remastered, it is important for us to pay respect to the history of StarCraft's fan campaign community. Every year since the release of StarCraft in 1998, at least one fan campaign project has been released for this game to this date. For a game to receive such treatment even two decades later is impressive, but unfortunately, many of these campaigns have become difficult to locate over the years. As more and more StarCraft fansites go down and forum attachments get corrupted, the years and years worth of effort, passion, and creativity put in by campaign makers is at a risk of being lost forever.

Here, with the help of the community, I have compiled a year-by-year list of as many StarCraft fan campaigns as I can find. It is the most complete list you will be able to find online. Take some time to peruse the list, try out a few campaigns, and experience some of the richness of StarCraft's fan campaign history.

courtesy of Pr0nogo

If any campaign that is not marked as "[Still looking for download link]" has a broken download link, please let me know so I can upload a backup.

1998 - 19 Campaigns: show
APR. Terran and Protoss War Part 1 (author unknown)
APR. Terran and Protoss War Part 2 (author unknown)
APR. Crysalis (author unknown)
APR. AiurGax by Krusek
MAY Terran and Protoss War Part 3 (author unknown)
JUN. The Antioch Chronicles Episode I: Psionic Storm by Auspex Studios
JUN. Terran and Protoss War Part 4A (author unknown)
JUN. Battle for New Troy by David McLean
JUL. Fringe Wars by Peter Gage [Newest version (1.5) can be downloaded here]
JUL. The Retaking of Illian by David McLean
JUL. Jim Raynor's Story (author unknown)
JUL. Terran Prologue Campaign by Sam Hawes
JUL. StarCraft II: The Eternal Flame (author unknown)
AUG. New Avalon by Daedalus Infinity
AUG. Return of the Zerg by Artent
SEPT. Retaking Tarsonis by Fredrik Björeman
OCT. The Alliance by Varanus
OCT. The Dark Templar by Hivemaster
------- The Bob Levels by Tim

1999 - 20 Campaigns: show
SPRING War of the Tribes by Gabriel Sorrel
FEB. Badlands by Klorr
MAR. The Fenix by Desler
APR. New Avalon II by Daedalus Infinity
APR. Reclamation of Aiur by Sharandar
MAY Palinchron Concordance by Varanus
JUN. The Antioch Chronicles Episode II: Negative Suns by Auspex Studios
JUL. Legacy of the Confederation Episode I: Past Purposes by The Oracle
JUL. Liberation by J.D.
JUL.(?) Space Hulk by Rudder [Still looking for download link]
------- The Bob Levels 2 by Tim
AUG. The Bob Levels 3 by Tim
AUG. Recolonize Mar Sara by Whiplash Omega
AUG. Fall from Grace by Desler
SEPT. The Relics of the Xel'Naga by Tassadar124
OCT. Vision of the Future by Razorclaw X
NOV. After Brood War by Gabble [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
NOV. Legacy of the Confederation Episode II: Dawn of Darkness by The Oracle
DEC. Final Chapter by JY Lacombe
DEC. Dark Cold (author unknown)

2000 - 8 Campaigns: show
JAN. CC 2000
APR. Space Madness by John Goodrich
JUL. Forgotten World by Gabble [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
JUL. Celestial Irruption by Desler
AUG. The Praetor Daexan Campaign Part 1 : Allies by Whiplash Omega [Alternate download here]
FALL Temporal Distortion by Lotharan
------- The Shifters by JudasCloud
------- The Birth of Tassadar by Sodon [Can be downloaded here]

2001 - 7 Campaigns: show
MAR. Black Dream by Razorclaw X
MAY Fallen Angel by The Oracle
JUL. Starcraft Terran Campaign by Cman11 [For some reason, each of the .scm files were renamed into .zip files? You're welcome to rename them yourself, but I've done it for you here]
JUL. Prophecy by Razorclaw X
OCT. Royal Season by Renmazuo
NOV. Resurgence by Varanus
DEC. The Gallantry by Desler and Xavier

2002 - 5 Campaigns: show
JAN. Starcraft Solid by Jeeeeoker
FEB. Final Destiny by Razorclaw X
JUN. Zeji Conversion by Razorclaw X
JUL. Montag: Quest for Freedom by Shadow Spy
------- The Alliance by Sodon [Still looking for download link]

2003 - 6 Campaigns: show
JUL. The Praetor Daexan Campaign Part 2 : Ultimate Daexan by Whiplash Omega[Alternate download here]
JAN. The Hybrids by Mithrandir
APR. The Hybrids Chronicles by Erl Justin Pachero
JUL. Protoss 101 (no link) (author unknown) [Can be downloaded here]
AUG. Wicked Reality by Ling-Mac
------- Blood Destiny by Sodon [Can be downloaded here]

2004 - 5 Campaigns: show
JAN. Total Conquest Terran by Lenny Corbett
APR. Life of a Marine by Gemini
MAY Clan Wars Campaign by Aster
------- The Flame Knives by Metathrom
------- Aeon of the Hawk by Metathrom

2005 - 5 Campaigns: show
JAN. Unity of the Races: Brood War Aftermath by McNewgin [Alternate download here, still looking for map 2 download link]
JAN. Newrand Citadel by Messiah00Guy
FEB. Fall of the Gods by Snoopy
APR. The Shadow by Naiiphs [Can be downloaded here]
OCT. The Revengers by Volka, translated by Richan

2006 - 7 Campaigns: show
MAR. Brothers of Liberty by McNewgin [Still looking for maps 1, 8, and 10 download link]
JUN. Silent Warfare by NeoKamui
JUL. A Starcraft Odyssey by Funkybomber
JUL. Enslavers III: Twisted Legacy by Drake Clawfang [Still looking for download link]
SEPT. Zantaboan campaign by LogFish
NOV. UGF StarCraft Campaign by StarSword
DEC. Starcraft: The Shadow of Space by Neo-Claw

2007 - 11 Campaigns: show
FEB. Space Pirates by Ninchaw
FEB. The Templar Archives by Drake Clawfang [Still looking for download link]
APR. State of War by Falchion [Alternate download here]
MAY StarCraft Gold by d0minik
JUL. Ghost Training by Drake Clawfang [Still looking for download link]
AUG. The Mar Sara Missions by Drake Clawfang [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
AUG. StarCraft Heroes by d0minik
SEPT. Dominion: The Koprulu Crisis by Falchion
NOV. The Mar Sara Missions - Episode II by Drake Clawfang [Still looking for download link]
DEC. Bootcamp by Gemini
------- Ascension of Duran by Whiplash!

2008 - 11 Campaigns: show
FEB. Promethean campaign by LogFish
FEB. Dark Swarm by Legion [Can be downloaded here]
MAR. Battle of Ahman-ro (AKA The Road to Ruin) by Revan
MAR. Legacy of a Warrior by Marine [Unofficial patch by adamnesico here]
MAR. ACMD0 by Thalraxal
MAR. ODYSSEY CAMPAIGN Part 1: The Treasure of CSS Reliant by Jadefang
JUN. Battle of Otto Heigndal by DeProgrammer [Mod can me found here]
JUL. StarCraft Fusion by d0minik
SEPT. KANE by Krazy
NOV. Starcraft: Survivors by GnaReffotsirk
NOV. The Zakat Chronicles by Krazy [Alternate download here]

2009 - 16 Campaigns: show
JUL. Yells of Freedom by omega20 [Can be downloaded here]
JUL. The Will of Atai by Krazy [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
JUL. Celestial Reverie: The Sweet Science by Desler [Can be downloaded here]
JUL. StarCraft: Reuniting by Church [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
JUL. Starcraft: Aftermath by GnaReffotsirk
JUL. Defiance of the Fallen (no link) by Ricky Jr. Nomura [Can be downloaded here (copy/paste into your browser, zip contains spaces): of the]
JUL. Adun by TheProgramer
JUL. Rise From The Ashes by Dem0ns1ayer [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
JUL. Echoes by Tipereth [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
AUG. StarCraft: Vile Egression by Laconius
AUG. StarCraft: Hands of Power by thebrowncloud and Tim [Can be downloaded here]
AUG. The Last Cerebrate by The Oracle [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
SEPT. Doodan Episode 0 - Loyalty by Doodan
NOV. Veterane Campaigns: Cerebrate Hunters by d0minik
NOV. Veterane Campaigns: Ver Vano Siege by d0minik
------- Ascension of Duran: Dark Purposes by Whiplash!

2010 - 9 Campaigns: show
FEB. Veterane Campaigns: Darmeg Alliance by d0minik
APR. Empire Wars by Robotronic
MAY Doodad Episode 1 - Joining Forces by Doodan
MAY Doodan Episode 2 - The Infestation by Doodan
MAY Doodan Episode 3 - Retirement's End by Doodan
MAY Doodan Episode 4 - The Saga of Doodan by Doodan
JUL. Starcraft: The Black Sun by mxmagic
JUL. StarCraft I: Echoes of the Swarm by omega20 [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
OCT. StarCraft: Gas by Church

2011 - 1 Campaign: show

2012 - 6 Campaigns: show
APR. StarCraft - Firestorm by StratosTygo
APR. StarCraft - Storm Surge by StratosTygo
JUL. Black and Sunny: The 69-42 Saga by mark_009_vn
JUL. Resonance by Church
SEPT. StarCraft: Reincarnation by deepstrasz
DEC. Star Adairis: Sector Wars by StratosTygo

2013 - 2 Campaigns: show
JUL. StarCraft Alternate by StratosTygo
AUG. Star Adairis: Civil Conflict by StratosTygo

2014 - 1 Campaign: show
DEC. Endless War by Vae_newbis

2015 - 3 Campaigns: show
JAN. Ashen's Quest through Time and Space by Church
FEB. StarCraft Uprising by StratosTygo
OCT. Tales of Halcyon by Andrea Rosa (October 2015)

2016 - 10 Campaigns: show
FEB. Random Mission Project by DaMnUFo0
JUN. Kevin Cooper's Story by DaMnUFo0
JUN. The Critter Campaign by BounceHimUp
JUL. Impending Doom by DaMnUFo0
JUL. Lorham by Valadorn
JUL. Civilian by Valadorn
AUG. Antebellum by GrimReaper308
NOV. Balkhorn's Bad Times by DaMnUFo0
DEC. The Chosen by Valadorn
DEC. Rise of Devours Children by Vorgozz

2017 - 4 Campaigns: show
FEB. Salvation by Iquare
APR. Fire It Up! by Vorgozz
MAY Salvation Episode II - Raiders Roll by Iquare
JUN StarCraft: Inconsummate by Pr0nogo

UNKNOWN YEAR - 7 Campaigns: show
2006? Vagrants by Snoopy and Rommel [Original links dead, reuploaded here]
2006/7? The Chronicles of Zeratul by Drake Clawfang [Still looking for download link]
------- Operation Bravo by Aiursrage2k [Still looking for download link]
------- The Scion 6 Saga (author unknown) [Still looking for download link]
------- The Confederation by Axellraff [Still looking for download link]
------- STARCRAFT: S.C.R.B.I.C. by Kiran [Still looking for download link]


These lists are still incomplete, so help of any kind is appreciated. If you are aware of any campaigns or download links that I am missing, please post on this thread or shoot me a PM.

CONTRIBUTORS: Pr0nogo, adamnesico, NudeRaider, Alevice, Thalraxal, Laconius, Krazy, Lavarinth, Shinok, Sodon, Lotharan, Naiiphs
Thanks to all of you for all your help!

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 4:54 pm
by Lavarinth
I'll see what I can dig up for CC dates.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:30 pm
by Gradius
Awesome list there. Might go ahead play a few of those myself. Shifters was awesome.

Are you going to be filming everything or just the dialog/cinematics?

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:13 pm
by Pr0nogo
I don't think he'll be filming, but I do LPs of old campaigns all the time - notably Reuniting and Fall From Grace, neither of which I liked very much. I'm doing Celestial Irruption tomorrow, if all goes well.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:45 pm
by Church
Thanks, Lavarinth!

Actually, Gradius and Pr0, I am planning on recording my playthroughs entirely. My plan is to use this thread to give general status updates of my progress and to post mini-reviews of each campaign, and I'll post each play-section video onto my blog. There will be no commentary, just the game itself, all gameplay and cinematics, etc. (Check out my Bootcamp playthrough on my blog for an example.) Maybe I'll put together some sort of 'highlights' video after each playthrough to throw in with the mini-review. I'm planning on starting all this some time next month - after the contest ends, so I can add those to the list.

Edit: Also, I just added Survivors by GnaReffotsirk and Silent Warfare by NeoKamui to the known list, and Blood Destiny and the Alliance by Sodon and Space Pirates by Ninchaw to the unknown list.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:27 pm
by Pr0nogo
Cool, I'll check out the ones I don't play myself.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:05 pm
by Gradius
The sad thing is that nowadays there's probably more people making SC1 campaigns than actually playing them.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:08 pm
by IskatuMesk
Seems like I sparked interest in something cool. Good to hear. Probably won't watch them myself for a variety of reasons, but all the power to you getting the word out on custom content.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:28 pm
by Laconius
Looking for Sodon's campaigns prior to that foreign guy posting it was like trying to find a wrestling match where Ric Flair didn't get his tights yanked down.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 3:53 pm
by Church
Gradius, that's exactly right. And what makes it even sadder is the small amount of people who are making campaigns - you can imagine how few that leaves to play them. I'll admit that I am one of those makers, which is one of the reasons I've started this up.

Thanks Mesk. I've posted this on SC Legacy and SEN now as well to spread this around some more. Hopefully I can get up some interest in this and get some more people playing and making campaigns.

Yeah, Sodon's stuff is pretty hard to find, unfortunately.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:53 pm
by Gradius
Also just an FYI, none of the blizzforums links work. They download a 0 kb. file. =/

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:35 pm
by Church
Oh dang! Thanks for letting me know. I have the original Mar Sara Missions, if anybody wants it. Download here.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:54 pm
by Pr0nogo
Can't seem to grab the Will of Atai off of any of them links. I remember playing it on my old Mac but I tossed that thing out the window years ago.

/e If anyone's interested, my LP of Celestial Irruption is up in two parts. Second part is still being encoded before I upload it, but that'll be in the same blog post. Check it out here.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:23 am
by Church
I've added a note next to Atai that I need a link. Also, Pr0's informed me that Celestial Reverie: The Sweet Science's links are also dead. I'm uploading that right now and I'll link when it's done.
Edit: Apparently, Echoes and Rise from the Ashes are also dead. I'll upload those, too, so sit tight.

Re: StarCraft Fan Campaign Playthroughs

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:34 am
by Legion
I'm sorry, I have no idea where Dark Swarm is. Don't be sad, it isn't supposed to be on that list anyway.

It's far superior.