Unload Bunker Trigger

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Unload Bunker Trigger

Postby BacklitAvenger » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:01 pm

I'm using SCMDraft 2.0 for the campaign I'm working on. For some reason I can't find a trigger that UNloads a bunker, just the load bunker AI command. Is there any such thing? And if so How would I access it? I would assume I'd have to export the current triggers I have and then open them with the editor that has that command and then save them and reimport into my map because the other editor might not handle my illegally placed units/buildings/doodads so well.

If not is there any way to get around this? If the player loads the heroes into bunkers during a base defense section when the segment is over I can't call them out or remove them or anything because I can't get at them via triggers, just the bunkers themselves. So therefor they can't walk to the center of the base to converse and thus activate the next dialog segment that leads to the next mission.

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