An incredible weird question to RazorclawX about the Hawk Launchers that used in Book 3.

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An incredible weird question to RazorclawX about the Hawk Launchers that used in Book 3.

Postby Prime770 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:25 am

First things first, I am a big Wanderers of Sorceria fan. I really like the atmosphere and the development in the Wanderers of Sorceria. Although some characters were only there for the plot convinience, the plot itself felt pretty smooth and nice with the feeling of a bit parody. The fact that those parody feeling makes this series much much better is also a good point for me. But the thing I want to ask RazorClaw is completely unrelated to my compliments.

I can't PM since I just registered into the forum but my question is about the Hawk Launchers in Book 3. (I believe it is used in Book 5 as well) During that time I was playing the Book 3, the chapter that we use Hawk Launchers to throw Jin soldiers into the Kanai was so fun. And I wonder how those Hawk Launchers are throwing people to the walls without getting them harmed. If RazorclawX thought about this logically instead of just coding it, I would be glad if he tells me how does it throw people to the walls. xd

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Re: An incredible weird question to RazorclawX about the Hawk Launchers that used in Book 3.

Postby RazorclawX » Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:53 am

The Hawk Launchers are basically this thing in Kessen 2 (which is basically an elaborate but loving parody of Romance of the Three Kingdoms). You can see them in the opening movie if you want to see where the idea came from.

(although to be honest even that idea is EXTREMELY weird since you can assign the Hawk Launchers to a Cavalry unit; in fact I think it's assigned to Guan Yu by default and he's your main Cavalry unit)

ED: It's about 1:49 into the video.

I really love Kessen 2 for what it was. The Shu storyline it saddles you with is just OKAY at best, but then immediately afterward you unlock the Wei storyline and then suddenly the game becomes GREAT just because of just how much better the Wei army is overall and they're extremely fun to use (made me love the idea of Xiahou Ba as a playable character in Dynasty Warriors, but he didn't quite live up to his portrayal in this game. On the other hand, not many characters could-- I mean Cai Wenji in this game is a crazy desert goddess).
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