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Thoughts so far on campaign

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:46 am
by cytosematic
Been a fan of Warcraft 3 since the day it came out and tried to play every custom campaign I can ranging from the bad, such as the Mathias and creeps get revenge, and up to the good ones such as the Dwarf campaign. Don't know how I missed this one but just wanted to say I haven't seen an achievement system or a global upgrade unlocks like that in Starcraft 2 before this. Didn't know such a thing was possible with the Warcraft 3 Campaign Creator but definitely raises the bar in my expectations of what the game is capable of.

Also wanted to say thanks for the developer to keep up on the forum 8 years later and still keep an eye on developments, sets a new tone for dedication to ongoing projects that is beyond rare to find.

I'm partway through book 5 but have been playing quite consistently for a month and still have a ways to go, just wanted to get my thoughts out there on my experience so far as a longtime fan of the WC3 mod scene :)