why my shizuka have weaken very much even level 10 in book 6

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why my shizuka have weaken very much even level 10 in book 6

Postby goodest » Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:43 am

Dear creator:
why my shizuka have attack dps for 8x-9x,but drop to 36-46 in book 6,and the skill and soul power become weak and useless, in resulting of imba to complete the boss duel in east and south district?
the west distract boss,a demon hunter, have countless Metamorphosis without 180 cooldown ,cauing me impossible to defeat him in his range of 4000 hp!
and the north district boss six cam create over 10000 hp shizuka illusion to attack with murlock six,in result of impossible to win without who s your daddy!
my version is 3rd download from your website.
And the shizuka class ninja maid is completely dump and powerless compare to demon hunter book 1 and 2 ,which not know why the gane foced me to use this weak class

please see.

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