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How to get the Death Orb?

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:34 am
by Kenas
So in mission 4 of book 4 Abolisher starts with the item, if I have activated 10 obelisks. I looked up the 'Secrets' page to count how many obelisks quest were there:

1-2 (originally it was epilogue but in WOS version 3 can also do it here)
2-7? (I got the Crown, which means I have activated previous six)
3-8 (in version 3 there is no obelisk in 4-1, but here).

So that makes 9, or 10, if you count one in 2-7. Where's the missing one obelisk quest that I've missed? I checked all my missions that had obelisk quest on it, and they were all marked 'completed.' Or is there a obelisk quest I can only get it on new game plus?