Book 6 Nexus core items

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Book 6 Nexus core items

Postby Anaxie » Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:31 pm

I know you reset tomes on Book 6 heroes, removed or reworked HP / mana boost items, Blacklisted and removed mask of death from the spawn if obtained in book one.

However the Rendhand of Naja, a 10 pieace item made in a secret mission for Shizuka with Flavor text on it seems like it should be an artifact and come with Shizu rather then duplicating itself for each 3 heroes.

Perhaps the Searing blade for tuning in the hammer +1 str item in book one is too strong like the mask of death since it provides 20% chance to crit and it doesn't matter if its your active Orb damage item it's crit is a passive gain.

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