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Wanderers of Sorceria Misc Info

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:47 pm
by RazorclawX
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This deserves a bit of explanation. This is Shizuka dressed like Mint from Tales of Phantasia. Mint is perhaps the character that made the biggest visual impression when I first made the character many years ago. Although their personalities are NOTHING alike, this is essentially the visual style I stuck with for the past years.

Yes, I wasted a couple hours to make this just for a forum avatar.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Misc Info

Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:40 am
by RazorclawX
The five Feats of Strength

Hidden and optional Achievements not listed normally. It's been over five years so it's time to come clean and document these publicly for posterity.

Book 1: Virtual Idols

Spoiler: show
Extra Stage-- Complete all dances in Normal difficulty

In order to unlock the Extra Stage, complete the Epilogue with one of the following conditions completed:
- Finish the Dance minigame in Chapter 2, Part 2
- Bought the 60 Journal Upgrade for Kurumi
- Defeat the Essence of Wrath during Kurumi's story in Book 6

Book 2: Going It Alone

Spoiler: show
Chapter 4-- Destroy the enemy bases without defeating Vadis Normal difficulty

Fairly straightforward as long as you do not do the quest to recruit Vadis to your side and best done in a New Game+ mode.

Book 3: Solidarity

By far the most difficult one as you must have gotten nearly everything else in the game first.

Spoiler: show
Extra Stage-- Rescue Kurumi while wearing the secret costume in Normal difficulty

During the Book 3 Intro pick the Fantasy option and complete certain objectives which changes the skit. Normally you pick the following choices: Elegant > Grace > Fantasy

The following conditions have to be met:
- Bought the 60 Journal Page upgrades for Hikaru, Shizuka, and Kurumi
- Defeated the 3 'extra' bosses in Book 6:
--- Shizuka in Hikaru's story (the option appears after you beat Book 6 once)
--- Six in Shizuka's story (appears after the Mech Rider is done)
--- Essence of Wrath in Kurumi's story (only appears in Hard mode or after you beat Book 6 once, she always appears)
- Alternatively having seen the scene before (obviously a flag you can't set the first time around)

If all the conditions are met, Shizuka will wear the bunny suit instead of the gag costume.

Finally, play the Extra Stage in Book 3 and win the Summoner Duel. Shizuka and Kurumi have an awkward shared experience dressed as bunny girls... but it's not so bad among friends, right?

Book 4: Hero of the Past

Spoiler: show
Extra Stage-- Rescue Gina in Normal difficulty
- During Book 2, Chapter 4, you need to give Gina the Gem of True Seeing.

In Book 4:
- Find Gina during the Secret Level with Ziel's flying Twister Form
- Defeat the Lord of Phantasma in the Extra Stage

In order to unlock the Secret Level:
- Do not accept Hokuto's help in Chapter 8, Part 1

Book 5: Wind Ninja

Spoiler: show
Chapter 8, Part 1-- Recruit Nel in Normal difficulty

- During the Secret Level, find and defeat Nel
- Defeat the ninja team in Chapter 8, Part 1

In order to unlock the Secret Level:
- Forgive Kasumi in Book 4
- Find the crashed airship in Chapter 2 and pick up the Secret Level power up

You do not need to have forgiven Kasumi in the same game you recruit Nel as long as the stage is unlocked.

Re: Wanderers of Sorceria Misc Info

Posted: Mon May 21, 2018 4:36 pm
by RazorclawX
The Seal of Oracles
It's a technique developed by Abolisher and co-opted by the Dragon Slayers to draw energy from Sorcerians and simultaneously incapacitating them by forcing them to experience the trauma of their innermost shame. As Abolisher developed the technique he also knows how to counter it, and those chosen by the Dragon are capable of either ignoring or outright reflecting the technique back against its user.

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Yue Fang
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