Over clocking

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Over clocking

Postby Dtox » Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:23 pm

so for a while now iv been thinking alot about overclocking my hardware, just gettin that little extra boost to optimize my settings without having to buy an additional graphics card.

i was wondering if someone who is tech savvy (which im certain a couple of you are) could help me with a few questions i had about overclocking my GPU (and overclocking my CPU if necessary)

so first off, iv stressed tested my graphics card (a Nvidia GTX 460 1gb) using furmark benchmark (AKA the fuzzy donut), and my temperatures peaked at about 80 degrees Celsius without any overclocking. i know these are high, but i intend to get a fan (iv got my eyes on one right now) before i decide to keep my graphics card sustained in an overclocked state.

as a small test, i tested the extent of how far i can overclock my GPU before some part of my system gave out ("nvidia display driver stopped working" kinda thing), and saw that i can increase my core clock about 200 or so MHz before something going wrong.

so my questions are as follows,

1: what is the optimal temperature i should hover around while my GPU is overclocked?
2: as i overclock my GPU, will i have to do anything to my CPU? (i recently got this very pretty pure copper heatsink with a big ol fan in the center of it, cpu only peaks at about 45 degrees when under stress, so fiddling with that shouldnt be much of a problem).
3: is there any special precautions i should consider before overclocking my hardware?
4: what does increasing the memory clock/shader clock/core clock/voltage do exactly? what is the purpose of each of these? (im just looking to increase my fps in games).
5: do any of you have any recommendations as to what i should get to prepare my computer for overclocking?

any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Over clocking

Postby Lavarinth » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:32 pm

I'm definitely going to have to get in this discussion as soon as I finish optimizing the PC I just build. I literally just bought and constructed a new PC, I'll post specs and what not later, since I plan to give it that same "extra boost" as you, so it'll be a learning experience for me since I've never overclocked before.
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