So, anyone watch Lost finale? [SPOILERS]

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So, anyone watch Lost finale? [SPOILERS]

Postby DrumsofWar » Sun May 23, 2010 8:32 pm

Anyone here think they answered any real questions?

- What set the rules for the island?

We find out moving the "drain" disabled the rules that kept the "Candidate" and Esau from hurting each other, namely the latter.  We never find out, however, how you're supposed to "make" a new rule about how to do stuff.

- What's real and who's alive?

The finale implies that even that other reality is "real" but in a different way.  The show seems to believe in an immortal soul, or otherwise, most of the premises would fall apart.

- Whatever happened to the "Magic Box"?

How does something get teleported to the island?  We found out how you can leave and how you can drag a plane to the island, but how did John's father get there as he claimed to have just been abducted off a highway in Florida?

- How is someone "claimed"?

Whoever gets claimed like Sayyid and Ben can't ever work for Jacob or hear him ever again.  Was that a result of the temple's healing waters going wrong or is that what happens every single time?

- What does the ceremony of drinking the water really do?

It doesn't seem to give any powers as Desmond was able to go down the waterfall too.  How did Esau know what was going to happen to the island if had never been down there except for the time Jacob threw him down there?
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Re: So, anyone watch Lost finale? [SPOILERS]

Postby tipereth » Sun May 23, 2010 8:53 pm

They did the exact same ending as Ashes to Ashes. It was way better on Ashes to Ashes.

-The rules are apparently set by whoever governs the island, and their powers I guess stem from the hole to hell being plugged or some shit?

-Everything is real, the flashes in the final season take place in Purgatory.

-Magic. John's dad came on the sub.


-Desmond has a natural resistance to electromagnetism? And that translates into resisting the light or some shit? Anyone can go down but they get smokified except Jack for some random reason. Smokey just knew shit, same as he magically knew how to build the wheel.
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Re: So, anyone watch Lost finale? [SPOILERS]

Postby Krazy » Mon May 24, 2010 1:06 pm

The island is a metaphor for the director's body.  Hurley, as #1, is pee, and Ben, as #2, is poop.  Jacob was anal-retentive, that's how Esau was created--he never let 'anyone' off the island, so they all just floated in the 'jungle' of the intestines.  The other island is the director's girflriend's body.  The pilot is some sperm that was originally masturbated away, but then was reclaimed and led to a pregnancy--thus letting them get 'off' the island.  When the 'hole' is unplugged, that is the back surgery that John Locke has--they 'open him up' at which point the evil (paralysis) can be killed, but so can the island (the body).  Esau appears as Locke because Locke feels betrayed by his own body.  Isn't this all obvious?!?!  The person who made the rules is God, who made the director's body, or his father, depending on how you want to look at it.

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