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Re: I quit WoW

Postby wibod » Sat Jul 28, 2007 11:42 am

Smirnoff wrote:
Lavarinth wrote:
Smirnoff wrote:
Taeradun wrote:
Smirnoff wrote:You'd think that image would be enough to deter people from ever getting addicted to WoW...

And yet it doesn't...?
Who needs a healthy IRL body with clean skin when you can be a LEVEL 9000 TAUREN WIZARD :D
Yeah, but I've never heard of any LEVEL 9000 TAUREN WIZARDS who have gotten laid.

How do you think the new characters are made? Babies.

Until the hanky panky patch goes public, there is no explanation as to why new characters are born as adults already.

There is a dilemma here. You see your post was mildly funny yet I want to punch you in the face for using hanky panky as a nickname for sex.

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