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A compilation of the last 3 years in Music and Voices.

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 4:33 pm
by IskatuMesk ... enTest.mp3 ... orms-b.mp3 ... eAbyss.mp3 ... ence01.mp3 ... retest.mp3 ... revise.mp3 ... esfull.mp3 ... esfull.mp3 ... letest.mp3 ... ashau3.mp3 ... ofTime.mp3 ... hMaahn.mp3 ... ience1.mp3 ... ssCity.mp3 ... sTheme.mp3 ... mbat01.mp3 ... opNewb.mp3 ... Empire.mp3 ... clipse.mp3 ... romaen.mp3

A bit of history on these pieces -

Most are from my Throne of Armageddon Fury "Official Soundtrack". They were composed for two purposes;

A conceptual-stage Half life 2 TC based on epic space fleet warfare.

A "visual" representation of events within my Throne of Armageddon novel.

Others are from my Starcraft projects (Such as Heidomus Kaladonmus, "The Legend of Heidomus") which did reach extended levels of completion and are to this date among the most technically advanced and completed starcraft TC's ever released. The older ones are usually for SC mods as well.

The old pieces, which you should be able to tell from the newer ones, were composed using Modplug tracker, a rather dinky sequencer that was pretty limited in its capabilities. In about 2004 I upgraded to Cakewalk home studio 2002 and, more notably, Gigastudio. Gigastudio provides that professional sound and, although I am still pretty new to composing, gives pieces a truly epic sound. This is the kind of software Hans Zimmer works with. In fact, I have some of the gigafonts he used/created.

The drawback to these is that I am really picky about what I create. I am fanatical to making something that feels just right. I use a combination of note-by-note sequencing, and an actual musical keyboard. You can sometimes tell the differences between the two - mauutheme was all keyboard work, while A Thousand Storms was mostly sequenced.

The voice pieces are all my own voice and sound editing. Unlike composing, I've been doing voice acting for various things for about a decade (And I'm only 19!). When I got my first computer, I obviously went into the art of editing the sound as well. I consider myself quite proficient in Adobe Audition and have been recently expanding my knowledge to help bring color to my existing voice acting capabilities.