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Meanwhile, in a parallel DF universe...

A ragged band of 7 dwarven peasants are sent out from the Mountainhomes into the harsh wilderness, exiled from their home. They have brought few supplies with them, and have nothing in their future except a long and desperate struggle against the forces of nature.

Yet, there is hope: for if they should persevere, they may raise a mighty fortress, testimony to the dwarves' legendary construction skills. A fortress grand enough to cause all stunted rapists goblins and tree-hugging faggots elves who gaze upon it to cower in fear.

Let it begin.
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DF - Silver! Silver! Silver!

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:11 pm

I haven't been updating this for a while, sorry! It's mainly because my new laptop arrived and I've been installing stuff on it for the past few days.
Year 206, 3rd Slate (Spring)
The mining operation continues to strike random minerals.
On the plus side, most of the stuff that the miners are striking is worth quite a lot. Now, if only the smelters could keep up with the ore intake...

Hey look, it's the elven caravan! Crack out the bins lads, it's time to get rid of some of these goblin clothes.

I trade a few bins of goblin cloth for all the food and drink the elves have. Unfortunately the elves weren't carrying any wood, metal, or meat, so that somewhat limited the volume of stuff traded. Sigh.

But, just as the broker finishes up the trade, one of the gem cutters gets taken by a mood!

He claims the only jeweler's workshop we have, as well as several random gems. Fortunately his mysterious construction doesn't seem to require anything valuable.

I leave the gem cutter to

We've run out of steel bars. Armorsmithing temporarily halts while the smelters catch up on bar production.

But then, suddenly!
Another baron. Great. I order more space to be dug out next to the magma tunnel, for the nobles' bedrooms. They'll never see it coming.

The baron and his troupe of faggots brings my population to 102. I order about 14 of the new migrants to become soldiers, and the rest to become fisherdwarves. Hopefully the local pike have calmed down by now, so we can bring some fish to the dining tables.

Well, that was rather fast. Let's see what you've ma-

So, let me get this straight. The gem cutter got into a fey mood just so he could do what he normally does, cutting gems?

I'm starting to think we're going to have issues with sanity in this godforsaken fortress.

14th Slate
Some time has passed.
That's one noble down. Two to go! Ordered more rooms dug out next to the magma tunnel for any future nobles that decide to stick their butts where they don't belong. The miners also just found silver.

Meanwhile, the new military recruits are making excellent progress.

That just leaves the Baron and his bitch. Don't worry, you'll be joining your cousins in hell soon enough.

Oh, and about those pike...
Apparently one of the local monkeys fell into the river. He grapples valiantly with the pike but is quickly torn into bits, leaving behind monkey chunks everywhere. Also, you've struck mica!


I've ordered a ballista to be constructed some distance behind the entrance. Hopefully the dwarves are half-decent at aiming, or we're going to have some friendly-fire casualties on hand when the next siege rolls around.

wtf, already?

Well, that's no fun. I decide that I have a few more hours to kill...

Year 206, 8th Hematite (Summer)
The ballista is ready for goblin action. It has a clear shot through a one-square-wide hole right through to the entrance.

Also, the mining operation is chomping through the ground fast.
In less than a full season the dwarves finished mining through a whole z-level. Excellent, now on to the next level, z-level -10!

Some time later, the human caravan arrives.

Well, well, do come in. And please tell me you brought more stuff than those useless elves-
Oh Christ.

I order the military to be positioned just above the ballista. The plan will be to just wait for the goblins to run into the multitude of traps around the fortress' entrance, and then have the Champions charge up and massacre the remaining goblins.

Surprisingly enough, this time around the military does as they're told, moving quickly into position. The siege operator quickly gets into place behind the ballista, but...

Mother fucker. Well, that means no ballista then. I swear I'm going to flog the faggot that didn't make the ballista arrows as per my orders.

Just before the goblins arrive, one of the new recruits suddenly decides to run out into the open! He runs around for a moment before hiding in a random corner outside. What the fuck is he doing?
I lock the door behind the hapless recruit. Hopefully that should stop him from getting zerged by the goblins.

The first wave of goblins is torn apart by the traps. A few of the goblins flee the area, but the remaining waves quickly approach.


The Champions meet the approaching wave of goblins head-on. The goblins are all ripped into shreds by the elite Champions, with no casualties on our side.

Then, the second wave approaches.

In an incredible show of speed and strength, the Champions descend upon the goblins and proceed to cut, slash, stab, and hammer them to bits. The very last goblin gets blasted into the air by a hammer-wielding Champion. He would have flown a record distance if there had not been a stout birch tree several meters away...

The siege is over, once again thanks to the Champions. There are no casualties, and no injuries. The recruit that got locked up is let go with no problems. Also, you've struck silver!

Finally, something went right-
...Spoke too soon. Miasma outbreak! Quick lads, lock up the place!
I order the area to be locked up until further notice. In the meantime the dwarves will have to rely on our backup food storage area. Hopefully the miasma doesn't last too long; the backup won't last longer than a month or so. Otherwise, work continues as normal. Ordered the Baron to be locked up until he starves to death, since the miners appear to be too lazy to dig out more rooms next to the magma tunnel.

Speaking of which: DEAR GOD THE MINERS
The miners continue to unearth vast amounts of minerals and gems beneath the fortress. The stockpiles for raw ore (especially silver) are filling up quite quickly.

To make matters worse, yet another vein of silver is discovered.

It appears the Baron does not like being starved.
The Baron then proceeds to try to smash the door locking him in, but he ends up with only a bruised hand. That's a stone door there, sucker!

Excellent! No more lazy nobles!
Although, it's interesting to note that the Dungeon Master noble hasn't been killed off yet, since unlike the other nobles the Dungeon Master actually gets off his ass and makes himself useful in the fortress. He's our main blacksmith, what a guy! Now, if only the same could be said of our other nobles.

The miners found yet another vein of silver. The primary stockpile for silver ore is filled; ordered another pile to be made.

But then...
Yet another vein of silver is discovered. This is seriously getting out of hand. Ordered all the smelters to stop whatever they were doing before and start processing the silver. We'll use it for barrels, bolts, bins and the like. Silver bolts for everyone!







The second stockpile for silver fills up to the brim as well. There is no way that the smelters can keep up with this much silver ore. Pray to Armok to stop sending us silver, lads!

...But Armok proves irresponsive, and...

You know what, I'm just going to fucking leave the miners to their shit and go do something else. But at this rate we're going to fucking drown in silver.
(In case you didn't know, Galena is silver ore)

god damnit finally
Well, that brings these two seasons to a close. I am definitely going to have to find a use for all that silver, though the main problem isn't that we can't use it, it's that the 5 magma smelters can't keep up with the huge influx of silver ore.

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DF - How uneventful...

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:11 pm

Year 205, 1st Moonstone (Winter)

Line up against the wall and drop your pants lads, it's surprise inspection time!
Not much has changed since the last inspection. The net worth of our armor and weapons has gone up a bit, thanks to the new steel weapons/armor that the dungeon master and company are forging.

Food and drink stocks are still very plentiful, enough to last several seasons if necessary.

The animal population is growing uncontrollably. That's not a bad thing though, since they don't use up any food or drink and can be chopped up into extra food if needed.

We need engineers. And more fishers. Unfortunately our only engineer died a few sieges ago, and nobody seems to want to be a fisherdwarf after the disaster with the local pike.

The military is roughly the same. There have been some new Champions added to the ranks to replace the ones lost in sieges. Two of the Wrestlers are currently training to become Marksdwarves.

Moving on,
The top level of the fortress has changed a fair amount since the last inspection.
The first thing you'll probably notice is the new cemetery, filled to the walls with coffins for the dead. In total about 30 dwarves have died throughout this fortress' 5-year history.

The traps at the entrance are still littered with junk, only even more so. The blasted lazy dwarves won't remove the goblin skulls stuck in the traps.

Also, the trade depot is filled with crap. But hey, nothing out of the ordinary there.

After a miasma attack from the butchery indoors engulfed the entire workshop area, I've ordered the dwarves to do butchery outside instead, where the wind blows the miasma away.

Moving down a level, we have the main area of the fortress, still consisting of mainly storage and workshops. Noteworthy changes are the new finished goods stockpiles in the bottom right, which contain bins almost entirely full of cloth looted from goblin corpses.

Note the unfinished ashery next to the carpenter's shop. It's been unfinished since the beginning of the last season.

You also might notice that some of our barrels are now grey. Those are the iron barrels, which are part of my efforts to try and fireproof our food storages in case the fire imps get sneaky. Unfortunately we won't be able to replace all the wood barrels that we currently have, but oh well.

I've barely been looking at the dormitory level at all for the past few seasons. For the most part, nothing has changed. The only notable difference is that the dwarves seem to have more personal possessions now, mainly coins.

The forging operation has been expanded to include many more smelters, so we can process the huge deposits of various ores faster. The blacksmithing crew consists of the Dungeon Master, two furnace operators, and a cook.

We haven't been using copper at all since we found iron and made steel. Most likely the copper will end up being made into barrels, bins, or bolts.

You'll notice that the magma tunnel has expanded a bit. This is because I had the magma tunnel set up to overflow and burn the nobles whose rooms were located where the magma is now.

Skipping down a few levels of stone, we have the current level of the mining operation. The dwarves finally finished mining out everything of value in z-level -7, and so have moved on to z-level -8. At this rate it's going to be years before we get deep enough to find any of the real valuable shit.

Also, the miners found some warm stone. I have no clue in frozen hell why there would be any warm stone on this z-level, since the magma pool doesn't reach this deep.

Well, that sums up today's inspection! Back to work, lads, there's no time to waste!

It's been rather slow this season. No goblin sieges this time around, sorry!

You've struck sunstone!

You know, out of the original 7 dwarves that embarked on this godforsaken journey 5 years ago, only 3 remain. Two of them are Champions with maxed out strength, agility, and toughness, and the third is both legendary carpenter and legendary woodcutter. Impressive combination.

A ragtag bunch of goblins pokes their head up near the fortress' entrance. I quickly order the military to charge them, but before they arrive, all but two of the goblins walk straight into the traps.

As for the two goblins that didn't get torn up by the traps,

Some time passes. It is now 9th Obsidian, Mid-Winter.
Monkeys have begun raiding our fortress and stealing things from the junk pile. They seem to be intelligent enough to avoid the fortress' traps, which is more than could be said for the scores upon scores of goblins that have tried to break their asses in during past sieges.

One of the traders gets a firsthand experience.
Before I can react, the trader grabs the monkey roughly by the ass, lifts him into the air, and hurls him across the map into the nearby river. The monkey is quickly torn apart by the multitude of pike. Ouch.

We're out of bones :(

Well actually, there's plenty of goblin bones that are stuck in the traps, but the dwarves are too lazy to stockpile them.

Logemked's first Ashery is erected in one of the farmer's pants. This should allow us to make glass from potash, since we don't have any sand available.

You've struck sunstone! (again.)

The new military recruits are making good progress.
Another dwarf becomes a Champion, bringing the total up to 8.

Then suddenly, almost all at once:
Okay, woah. Slow down there, I don't even know-

Well, I suppose that wraps up this year's events. The year is now 206, yay! Another year of sieges, retarded caravans, and lazy dwarves awaits! Strike the earth!

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DF - God dammit, again?

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:32 am

Year 205, 20th Sandstone (Autumn)

The trade caravan arrives.
Why hello, hello, hello. Please move into the fortress' trade depot, and take care not to step into the tra-

Oh, for fucks sake.

This time there don't seem to be any elite goblins along with the siege. Just a bunch of goblin wrestlers and some whip-goblins, as well as some faggot calling himself a Guard.

I assemble the military just past the rows of traps. They'll finish off anyone who gets through, hopefully...

....but of course, things never go as planned,
And, instead of holding ground beyond the traps, the military instead rushes out into the open. The axedwarf goes first, and gets quickly zerged by the goblins. Then, the Champions rush in and massacre the poor goblins.

Then, another wave arrives. One of the Champions decides to go play the hero, taking on the entire wave.
Okay, you might be a legendary Champion, but I doubt even you can handle all those gobli-

Okay, wow.
Blood sprays across the fields as the Champion utterly destroys the entire wave, suffering only a bruise to his left hand. Goblin corpses everywhere!

Then, yet another wave arrives, this time of Marksgoblins and Axegoblins. The Marksgoblins take potshots at the dwarves and manage to injure a war dog.

One of our Wrestlers dies before the Champions, at the head of their sparse squad, charge into the marksgoblins' ranks. They somehow take no injuries despite being visibly shot several times.

Soon, the goblins begin their retreat across the forest. The Champions and the remaining Wrestler pursue them, but the goblins are too fast.

Okay, siege over! I check the Champions for injuries. Fortunately, there are none, besides a bruised left hand.
Though, I did find this:
That's a lot of goblins. Also, lol random human in there.

Well, anyway, back to work! Not much has been happening outside of the sieges, unfortunately.

The mining crew struck some more random minerals, including copper, aluminum, and yellow zircon, whatever the hell that does.

One of the farmers apparently got possessed during the siege. He claims a craftsdwarf's workshop, in the process booting out my bolt maker. Fuck.

The farmer sits in the workshop muttering about cloth, "color stone", and shells. Since he doesn't seem to be actually going to collect any of the shit he needs, I presume he'll go insane soon.

...And, surely enough,

He clobbers a war dog to death with his bare hands before getting ripped apart by another war dog.
Well, that's another dwarf down to the coffins.

Some time passes. It's now late Autumn, and the onset of Winter will be here soon. Surprisingly little has happened. There doesn't appear to be any migrants this season, but whatever.

Then, suddenly!
Hail! Welcome to the elites, dwarf. First things first, ditch your copper shit and get some real armor from the storage. And a proper weapon too.

After some musing, I decide that the new Champion will be an Axedwarf, to replace the one lost in the siege.

But then,
Well, excellent timing, I suppose. You'll be our Mace-wielder.

Okay, this is starting to get out of hand. I dunno, I guess you can take a sword. We're probably going to run out of steel weapons at this rate-

Well, nothing I wasn't expecting, with it being late Autumn and all. Hm...there's not much going on in the fortress, besides the regular siege which I have a feeling is going to gradually whittle down the military. Still, with all the new recruits wising up and becoming Champions, it shouldn't be an issue.

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Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:50 am

I just realized I've been misspelling "Iskatumesk" for the past 2 years, ever since I came to CC.

Well, shit.

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DF - Siege, Miasma, and a Dragon, oh my!

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:58 pm

Year 205, 1st Galena (Summer)
A vile force of darkness has arrived!

Upon closer inspection,
The goblin Mace Lord that headed the last siege has apparently been magically resurrected and is back for more hot dwarf action. Only this time, instead of bringing whip-goblins with him, it's mace-goblins.

He also brought his friend, who's heading another wave of speargoblins.

This is going to get rough. Rougher than the last siege.

To make matters worse,
Yet another wave soon arrives, led by an Elite Marksgoblin.

I quickly order the lads to get back inside behind the wall of traps. Fortunately, this time around the goblins seem to have spawned some distance from the fortress, and everyone makes it in okay.

Well, almost everyone.
Two of the Champions are stuck outside, and get intercepted by the first wave of speargoblins. The goblin Pikemaster, running at the front of his force, reaches the Champions first. Unfortunately for him, one of the Champions manages to score a lucky blow to the goblin's brain, rendering him unconscious and allowing the other Champion to spear him through the ass.

Then, the rest of the speargoblins arrive. Both of the Champions go berserk and decimate the entire wave, suffering only minor bruises to various body parts. Quite impressive.

But then, the next wave arrives, headed by the Elite Marksgoblin. He manages to fire off a single bolt, injuring a Champion's left shoulder, before the Champion in question runs up to him and plunges his spear right into the goblin's chest, somehow maiming both lungs and the heart in a single strike.

Once the Elite Marksgoblin is dead, one of the Champions decides to attempt to take on the entire next wave, solo-style. Leaving his buddy behind, he runs straight up to the approaching goblins.

The Champion slays several goblins with his legendary wooden spear, before the goblin Mace Lord reaches him. The two quickly get into a pit fight to the death, but the onslaught of at least 10 goblins plus the Mace Lord takes its toll on the Champion. After the Mace Lord is eventually slain, the remaining goblins zerg the Champion. Exhausted after having been brained by the Mace Lord, the Champion kills one more goblin before his head is torn off and he finally dies.

As for the other champion...
He too, decides to take on an entire wave of goblins by himself. Fortunately though, there's no elite goblins left to lead this wave, so the poor goblins are utterly destroyed by the Champion.

But soon after, while retreating to the fortress,
A wave of marksgoblins spawns right on top of the Champion. After slaying a single goblin before getting pierced by no less than 15 bolts, he too dies.

After the two Champions die, the remaining goblins charge the front of the fortress, and walk straight into the rows of traps. They are rapidly sliced up into so much expired tuna, and after about half of them die, the rest of the goblins retreat, ending the siege:

I do a quick survey of the fortress to make sure everyone is alright. Unfortunately,
The upper miasma dies down almost immediately, which is fortunate since that's where the food is stored. I quickly order the doors to the remaining miasma-filled room to be locked and shut tight. It should hopefully quarantine it.

Okay. The siege is over, and everything seems to be under control. Now then, let's-

Oh Christ.

The Dragon charges for the main entrance. An unlucky dwarf gets in its way, and before I can react, a massive(seriously, it's like 30 fucking tiles wide and 10 tall) pillar of flame erupts from the dragon's mouth, completely incinerating the poor dwarf, and lighting the nearby shrubbery on fire. Man, if only we could reproduce that to deal with the nobles.

Then, the Dragon charges into the traps, which have already saved me twice,
And, like clockwork, the dragon is knocked unconscious by the traps, which proceed to then pierce both its lungs and heart, just like with the Elite Marksgoblin. Soon after, most of the remainder of the Dragon's body parts are pierced through and it dies.

Wow. This has certainly been an eventful summer.

Now, foebeasts aside,

We finally got rid of the Tax Collector.

And, soon after:

Heh heh. Blasted nobles - that should teach you a thing or two about strolling in my fortress and making outrageous demands.

The trade caravan arrives. This time it's the elves, though all they brought me was rope reed cloth. Sigh.

The magma forge operation has been going full swing. Unfortunately, due to the lazy dwarves, all 3 forges are cluttered up with crap that greatly slows down progress.

But, just as I'm about to order the forges to be cleared up,

Wow, already? That was a pretty short season. Well, lots of stuff happened, but as always, there's still mountains of stuff that remains to be done. For one, we need to loot the goblin corpses of all their valuables, and we definitely need to see what meat we can get off the dragon corpse. We'll also need to get coffins prepared for the two dead Champions, though the dwarves are probably going to be lazy faggots...
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