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Meanwhile, in a parallel DF universe...

A ragged band of 7 dwarven peasants are sent out from the Mountainhomes into the harsh wilderness, exiled from their home. They have brought few supplies with them, and have nothing in their future except a long and desperate struggle against the forces of nature.

Yet, there is hope: for if they should persevere, they may raise a mighty fortress, testimony to the dwarves' legendary construction skills. A fortress grand enough to cause all stunted rapists goblins and tree-hugging faggots elves who gaze upon it to cower in fear.

Let it begin.
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DF is now defunct.

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:50 am

I'm sorry. But midterms are coming up, and I MUST study, as I am in my senior year, and my next report card mark will determine my eligibility for university. And considering I need an 87%+ average in all my courses to get into my choice program (Software Engineering), I really do need to work it out. I simply haven't the time anymore to play DF for a few hours on end.

I might made the odd update here and there, but nowhere near as frequent as the old ones. That being said, I'll try to push out the occasional, random DF update. No guarantees though.

After mid-January though, I should be able to pump out updates at the regular intervals.
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why hi there

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:35 am

I COMPLETELY forgot about DF the past week. Holy shit.

I'll get it done by Tuesday, pinky promise.

(No promises.)

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DF - I still don't have an excuse.

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Mon Nov 21, 2011 5:18 am

But whatever. It's not like anyone gives a damn, right? Right?

Year 259, 13th Moonstone (Winter)

The new training system is confusing the hell out of me. Instead of just having proficiency in a single field like the old DF (so you'd have traits on dwarves such as "Proficient Swordsdwarf", they've split the proficiency into a billion little things.
I'm not entirely sure that those biting demonstrations will be any use at all in real combat.

HelpMe is now assigned to bookkeeping, so we can get more accurate counts of our food and drink stocks.

Meanwhile, however, two-legged rhino lizard corpses continue to amount, mingling freely with rat, roach, and marmot remains.
But really, do YOU know what a two-legged rhino lizard looks like? I'd imagine it's a scary prospect.



Shortly after,
The merchants load up all their goodies in their wagons and donkeys, and set off...oh, what's this? They're walled in? Oh no!

Unfortunately I can't locate any water in the immediate vicinity, so either I will have to undergo extraordinary measures to divert the brook at the top of the map into the trade depot, or I will just have to wait until the merchants and their guards die of thirst.

But it seems fate has other ideas in mind.

Quick as clockwork, the merchant guards swarm over to the berserk merchant and proceed to separate his head from the rest of his body, also somehow scattering his clothes everywhere in the process.

Mutilated corpse, huh. Looks like one of the merchant guards had a little too much fun.

Well, nobody can pick up the corpse, so it'll probably start to rot-

lolololololololololol MIASMA OUTBREAK

The Miasma is contained nicely by the wall. A little of it somehow leaks out, but fortunately it soon meets the outdoor sunlight and withers away. However, inside the trade depot, it's a different story, and the miasma quickly engulfs the whole area.

Meanwhile, progress continues on clearing out the fucking mountains of stone shit in the future dining room and dormitories. The dump pile outside seems to have no limit as to how high the rock salt can be stacked.

Also, began preparing traps for the unwelcome visitors that are doubtlessly going to come harass the lads in future sieges.

Considering that the trade depot adventure is not appearing to be ending anytime soon, I doze off a little bit, missing most of the next month. When I wake up,

I sincerely hope "wet season" doesn't mean what I think it means, else heads are going to start fucking rolling.

<i would insert concluding statements here, but can't because i'm too fucking tired after writing this goddamn essay for english class>

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DF - I have no excuse...

Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:09 pm

...that will explain my absence these past 2 weeks. I've just been too busy to update DF. Also because my attention span is gradually falling; when this fortress reaches its eventual end I'm going to take a long, long break.

The next update will be tomorrow. I have all the screenshots and whatnot already, but I'm too tired now to write a post.

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Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:21 am

I am well aware that this update is long overdue, and has by now probably passed its expiration date. Oh well.

Year 259, 2nd Limestone (Autumn)

My suspicions were correct.
This is going to be just like the last fucking fortress. The only real difference seems to be that instead of the ground being made of granite, it's made of rock salt. Yes, the whole mountain is made of rock salt. We'll never lack for salt at our dining tables, that's for sure!

Ordered one of the murky pools to be drained out into the plain. Hopefully it doesn't somehow cause a flood, else this fortress is about to become very squishy (the floor is soil). Also, hopefully the miners aren't stupid enough to stand in front of the torrent of murky water when it comes out.

Speaking of water, there is exactly one fish left in the fortress. You there, stocky lad with the overgrown beard! You're a fisherdwarf now! Get cracking!


Only three migrants arrived. Jack, Ricky, and I forget who else. I think it was Desler. Jack got drafted into the military; he'll be a swordsdwarf. Ricky is another Beekeeper; why do the idiots at the Mountainhomes keep sending us Beekeepers? There's no bees to be seen around this mountain for cat's miles.

I'm regretting bringing the horses along now. They're not serving any useful purpose and just grazing away outside the fortress. When the first ambush/siege comes along, they're going to get raped. Useless horses. Now, cats on the other hand, we could use more of. There are lizards and roaches everywhere.

Uh, what? Oh, right, we're underneath one of the murky pools. Well, dig around it then! The last thing we need is a mining tunnel flood. Well, not the last thing we need, but it's pretty damn low on my list of wants.

Yay, caravan. Let's see if the AI is any better in this version of DF; experiment time!

The merchants and their guards are to be walled in until they either starve or die of thirst. If they're intelligent enough to eat their own food and drink, then I'll just submerge them in water from one of the nearby murky pools. Should be fun.

Also, the haulers finally cleared out some room on the lower level, to be used for stockpiles. The gem explosion on the first floor has been tidied up. The dining room will be moved there once a bit more room is made.

Phew, that brings this season to an end! Next time we'll see how the merchants react to being caged in with no escape, or if they'll react at all.

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