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VGA: Starcraft II didn't deserve to win.

Permanent Linkby Falchion on Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:42 pm

Here, in Brazil, in the Soccer's 1978 World Cup, our Coach, Claudio Coutinho, with an invincible team, didn't win the trophy. Still, he created the "Morally Champion" term for his team.

So, going for this definition, I'd say Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty was the Morally Loser for the 2010 Video Game Awards. Winning the trophy? WoL won. But because of faulty technical and crash problems, lousy voice acting, especially in Single-Player mode, worse net service ever (With the right to getting a too late chat service) and heavy limitations in modding, mapping and region service, they deserved to lose.

Having to pray for the incompetence of Mass Effect 2 and Civilization V, not to mention EA and Relic strategy games, is proof to the complete incompetence of the Best PC Game winner. And a reward to a company with mediocre development, with money-loving executive decisions and in which the main developer (Who's name I need not pronounce.) doesn't participate in at least half the staff meetings.

Only the Gods of Gaming to want that such game won something undeserved.

How I became a troll in a single post (And you can too!!! :D ): link

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