Crystalmourn, The Exalted Arm of Angels
Meanwhile, in a parallel DF universe...

A ragged band of 7 dwarven peasants are sent out from the Mountainhomes into the harsh wilderness, exiled from their home. They have brought few supplies with them, and have nothing in their future except a long and desperate struggle against the forces of nature.

Yet, there is hope: for if they should persevere, they may raise a mighty fortress, testimony to the dwarves' legendary construction skills. A fortress grand enough to cause all stunted rapists goblins and tree-hugging faggots elves who gaze upon it to cower in fear.

Let it begin.
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Rank 2: Terran Marine
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DF - Round 3: Angel Peak
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Permanent Linkby AngelSpirit on Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:01 pm

You know, I completely forgot about this. Har har.

I have all the screenshots and whatnot saved already for the next update, just need to get around to uploading. Hopefully soon, but you know, I've been horrendously busy.

Tomorrow, maybe. Maybe.

Lavarinth wrote:You top the charts. Congratulations, to the OFFICIAL FORUM IDIOT, 1N73RC3P70R.

Shameless plug: Dwarf Fortress!
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